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clean your curtains and blinds

How to clean your curtains and blinds


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What is the best way to wash your curtains? What method of cleaning is best for your blinds? Read on for simple and effective tips and tricks on how to wash and clean your window dressings.

Washing curtains

Although it may seem like a major task, washing curtains is no different from washing other delicate fabrics. But there is one major difference. It's far worse if your curtains shrink than if your T-shirt does. So it's worthwhile giving it a bit of thought, before you get stuck into washing your curtains. This applies to both hand washing and machine-washing.

Wash your curtains in the machine

If there is a care label on your ready-made curtain, of course you should follow the instructions. Select the gentle cycle the label recommends – usually a wool programme with a low spin. It's important for the water level to be high, as the high water level protects the fabric. When it comes to large curtains, it might be a good idea to do two washes instead of putting the curtains in the same wash.

Or in the bathtub

If you are unsure whether your curtains can withstand machine-washing, then use the bathtub. If you do not have a bathtub you could always use the children’s (clean) paddling pool and a water hose. You can direct the water away from the pool using a hose. 

If, for example, you are directing the water out into the garden, be sure to use fully degradable, preferably organic detergent, so your flowerbeds or shrubs can benefit from the rinsing water. Your children will probably think it’s fun to help wash curtains when you do it like this. If necessary, you can of course also wash your curtains in the shower.

Whether you hand-wash or machine-wash your curtains, it is a good idea to hang them up when they are still damp. This helps prevent unnecessary creases while they are drying. Of course, they should not drip.

Cleaning Venetian blinds

If you have chosen blinds for your home, you are probably aware that blinds are real dust magnets. Make a habit of vacuuming your blinds, and use the soft brush on the nozzle. There are also special blind brushes, which you can use as well.

Another practical way of keeping dust and grease away from your blinds is to use wet wipes, if your blinds need a quick clean.

You can also take down blinds and wash them. This applies to both wooden and metal blinds. Carefully lay the blinds in the bathtub or in the bottom of the shower, then wash them with a soft brush in warm water and a little detergent and vinegar. Hang the blinds up and let them dry, before you replace them in the brackets above the window.

Both aluminium blinds and wooden blinds can be a little delicate, but each in their own way. Wooden blinds should not sit for too long in water, while aluminium blinds can easily get ugly cracks in the sides. So be very careful when you move around aluminium or plastic blinds.

Cleaning vertical blinds

When it comes to the regular cleaning of vertical blinds, you should use a vacuum cleaner. But can vertical blinds actually be washed if anything happens to them and they get stained or start to yellow?

Most vertical blinds can certainly withstand soaking at max. 30 degrees. But because the slats should not be directly folded, you must wash this type of blind very carefully. Read the instructions and only wash your vertical blinds in the washing machine if the instructions recommend it. The same applies to ironing at low temperatures.

If you have expensive vertical blinds, and do not want to take any chances, you can have your vertical blinds dry-cleaned.