Terms and Conditions

The following sales and delivery terms apply for all purchases made in a JYSK UK store or on JYSK.co.uk for delivery throughout the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland). All purchase agreements in a JYSK UK store or on JYSK.co.uk are to be made in English. Purchasers must be 18 years of age or older to purchase certain items in a JYSK UK store and on JYSK.co.uk.

Company Reg.: 6336261
VAT: 917824307

Last updated: 2020-09-03


The price of the individual item is listed in the item overview, on the item page, and in the shopping basket.

  • Due to unforeseen or exceptional circumstances, such as selling out or exceptionally long delivery timescales, JYSK might be forced to end some campaign pricing earlier than advertised, this will be communicated to customers if the case.
  • The price of the individual item in a JYSK UK store and on JYSK.co.uk does not differ (unless there are special promotional in store offers for new store openings). 
  • The price of the individual item includes VAT and excise duties
  • The price of the individual item does not include freight costs as the freight costs depend on the delivery. See our delivery details here.
  • The availability and cost of JYSK UK's products are subject to sold-out situations as well as printing and pricing errors. This applies for both printed offers (in advertising supplements and catalogues) and any information on JYSK.co.uk. In the event of a pricing error, we will correct it as quickly as possible.
  • All prices are current and are updated on a regular basis. In exceptional circumstances a campaign might have to be ended early, therefore the ‘Valid Until’ price is shown as guidance only.
  • It is the price of the item at the time of purchase that you have to pay.
  • Price Guarantee. Read more

If, by mistake, we have underpriced an item, we will not be liable to supply that item to you at the stated price, provided that we notify you before we dispatch the item to you. In those circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel your order. In the event we cancel your order, we will give you a full refund on any amount already paid including freight costs in accordance with our Return and Exchange Policy.

Price guarantee

It is important to us that you feel safe before, during and after your purchase at JYSK. That is why we offer Price guarantee on all our items. 

If you find an item that you have purchased at JYSK at a cheaper price (at JYSK or in another store) within 30 days after your purchase, we will refund the price difference on a gift card. You can use the gift card in a UK JYSK store or on JYSK.co.uk. We are matching prices from all UK physical stores as well as UK online stores. 

Conditions for the Price guarantee:

  • JYSK matches the price on all identical items. See also "Exceptions" below
  • The Price guarantee claim must be made within 30 days from date of purchase or delivery
  • The price to be matched must be effective at the time that the Price guarantee claim is made
  • You must be able to present proof of purchase from JYSK
  • You must be able to present documentation from the competitor. E.g. a campaign paper, a link to the offer or similar 


  • Items that are not identical are not covered by the Price guarantee. The product must be the same model and have the same technical specifications, including the same brand/manufacturer, same colour, same dimensions, same accessories, same size, same content etc. - thus a 100 % identical product.
  • The Price guarantee does not cover remaining lots, opening and reopening offers, exhibition models, special orders or season-end sale.
  • The Price guarantee does not cover services such as delivery, special offers on freight etc.
  • The Price guarantee applies only to private purchases.

Please get in touch with Customer service or visit one of our stores to make use of the Price guarantee.



Credit and debit card

In the shopping basket you will see the total price of your purchase, including VAT and freight costs. This is the total purchase price.

You can pay for products purchased on JYSK.co.uk with the following debit/credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • Maestro

When you pay by credit card, you are protected against fraud/faulty goods with no self-risk. Credit card protection helps you get a full refund from your credit provider. 

Your payment is completed using a secure and encrypted connection to ensure that your payment information cannot be accessed by an unauthorised third party. Your payment is guaranteed through our payment partner. We guarantee that we will not save any credit card information on our own server. Furthermore, JYSK UK cannot access any of this credit card information at any time.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

Card number (16 digits printed on the front of your card)
Expiry date (printed on the front of your card)
Security code (3 digit security code printed on the back of your card, above the magnetic strip farthest to the right)


When you have sent your order, you will receive an email with an order confirmation. The order confirmation contains information about:

  • your order
  • the delivery address
  • payment method
  • delivery timescale
  • price(s)
  • JYSK UK Customer Service contact information
  • your right of return and exchange and consumer protection rights.

Your order is only an offer to buy from us. Please note that this order confirmation email is not to be considered as being final acceptance of your order by JYSK UK.

Nothing that we do or say will amount to any acceptance of your offer until we send you an email notifying you that we have dispatched an item to you. At this point, a contract will be made between us for you to buy and for us to sell the item that you have ordered from us.

We do not take payment from your account until we have dispatched your goods and you receive an invoice from us stating that your order has been dispatched to our UK transport carrier. At the time of placing your order the payment will be shown as ‘pending’ on your account. 

Once the contract is made, you cannot amend your order (however, you may cancel an order as set out in our Return and Exchange Policy).

At any point up until the contract is made, we may decline to supply an item to you. If we decline to supply an item to you and has payment already taken place, we will give you a full refund of any amount already paid for that item in accordance with our Return and Exchange Policy.

We try to ensure that we always stock the full product range and we will advise you if the item is out of stock. If for any reason beyond our reasonable control we are unable to supply a particular item, we will not be liable to you except to ensure that you are not charged for that item.

In the interests of all our customers, we may place restrictions on bulk buying of some products. If you try to bulk buy products that have bulk buying restrictions you will receive a message telling you to reduce the number of items, you are trying to buy.

If you would like us to resend your order confirmation, please contact Customer Service.


Upon shipment of your order, the email invoice contains information about

  • your order
  • the delivery address
  • payment method
  • delivery timescale
  • price(s)
  • JYSK UK Customer Service contact information
  • your right of return and exchange and consumer protection rights

Any item care instructions will be attached to the email invoice. If your item is under guarantee, this will be stated on the invoice, thus also serving as your proof of guarantee. In case you have entered your mobile phone number during the checkout, you will receive an SMS message when we have shipped your order. 

It is also at this stage that we will take the payment from your account, the funds will move from ‘pending’ and show as a transaction on your statement.  


In JYSK you can choose between many different delivery methods:


Click & Collect is a service that gives you the opportunity to order most articles on JYSK.co.uk – articles that is already on stock in our stores. If you choose the Click & Collect service, you will reserve an article that is already in stock in one of our stores, for 2 opening days. When you have placed the Click & Collect order online, you will, within 1 hour, receive a text message from the store with a confirmation of your Click & Collect order is being ready for pick up in the store. The Click & Collect order will be active in your name, and has to be collected within 2 of the following opening days.

If you choose to cancel your reservation, a link will be provided to you in a confirmation email right after the Click & Collect is created. 


If you are interested in products that unfortunately are not in stock in a JYSK store, you have the possibility to order the product online and get it delivered without charge to a store near you. Just add the product to your basket and choose the JYSK store you want your order delivered to. The order will be send directly from our mail warehouse in Denmark and will be delivered to the chosen store within 4-10 work days.

OBS: Your complete order has to have a minimum of £60 to choose this delivery form.

ONLINE ONLY assortment: In JYSK we want to be able to provide an assortment that suit all of our customers and we are always aiming to have as wide a range as possible. That is why we are able to offer all of our customers a special ONLINE ONLY assortment, that can only be purchased on or webpage.


If you wished to have your order delivered directly to your address, JYSK can provide this service for you. JYSK UK can deliver to customers located at a mainland United Kingdom address.

Type of delivery service can be depending on order volume and weight.

The price of the delivery will depend on weight, size, delivery area and delivery type. JYSK UK will determine the freight method based on the weight and volume of the item(s) you purchase, the delivery area and service.

If the order split up in to two or more deliveries, caused by supply issues, you will be contacted regarding new delivery dates. JYSK will cover additional delivery charges in case of multiple deliveries or supply issues, caused by JYSK.

We recommend all customers to enter a mobile phone number as contact number, when the order is being created. JYSK and our carrier will be contacting you by SMS regarding the delivery.

Please ensure that all customer contact information and the agreed delivery date on the order confirmation is correct. Order confirmation will be send to the entered e-mail address right after the order has been placed. Invoice will be send to the entered e-mail address, when the order has left our warehouse.

Delivery delays may occur during peak periods and hard weather conditions.

You are responsible for disposing of the packaging materials.

Parcel post from: £3.95: Smaller items – e.g. duvets, towels, home textiles and smaller homeware

Parcel post deliveries as standard to the front door of the delivery address within 8-15 working days.

You will receive an e-mail and/or SMS with a Track & Trace number for you. With this number you will be able to track your delivery from JYSK.

Cargo shipments from: £24.94: Larger items – e.g. mattresses, bed solutions, larger homeware and furniture.

The carrier will deliver cargo shipments to your entered delivery address within 8-20 working days. You will be contacted by our carrier to agree on a delivery date and time, within 8-20 working days from ordering.

The price of the delivery will depend on weight, size, delivery area and delivery type. Cargo shipment costs incl. VAT. The total cost of the delivery will be displayed at the online check out before you confirm payment.

In JYSK we follow the development in the COVID-19 situation and follows the government recommendations. Our carrier will deliver the goods to your door step and are unable to carrier goods into your property for safety reasons.


Ensure that all boxes/packages matches the number of boxes noted on the delivery sheet. Inspect all boxes/packages for any obvious damage.

If the boxes/packages doesn’t match the number on the delivery sheet, please advise our carrier that there are missing goods. Any discrepancies, no matter how minor, should be reported immediately to JYSK Customer Service.


If your delivery seem damaged, you have following choices:

  • Accept the delivery, notify the carrier and write ‘Damaged’ on the delivery paperwork before signing for the delivery. Please take photo of the boxes before unpacking the item(s). If the item(s) are damaged, please send photos of boxes and item(s) by using our Claim formula on our Customer Service contact page.
  • Refuse the delivery and sign the paperwork: ‘Refused due to damage’. Our Customer Service will contact you regarding delivery of a replacement order


If you are unable to be home when the carrier delivers your order, please inform our Customer Service on Tel. 03300 883818 for place to leave the delivery on the property, e-g- in a shed, on the patio ect.

If you have not provided JYSK acceptance for leaving the order on address without buyer being present, the carrier is not able to deliver the order and will cancel the delivery. You will be charged for any additional delivery cost for a new delivery of the order. You will be contacted regarding a new delivery date if we have not been able to deliver the order on the original date.

If you return your online order, and wishes JYSK to collect at your address, the order must be ready and available for collection at your doorstep. Please see our Return and Exchange Policy  or contact our Customer Service for further information.


From you place your order and until delivery takes place, you can expect the following notifications:

  • When your order is packed and shipped from our warehouse, you will receive an SMS and email confirming dispatch of your order to our UK carrier.
  • Once the goods have been received by the UK carrier and have been scanned into their system you will receive a SMS or a telephone call with proposals for delivery dates from our carrier.
  • On the evening before the delivery date, you will receive a SMS reminder confirming that delivery is to take place on the following day.
  • On the day of delivery the driver will contact you to confirm that delivery is on its way providing a 4 hour delivery window
  • We will keep you posted regarding possible delivery changes.


Return your purchase anytime.

At JYSK, it's easy to return or exchange a product if you change your mind.

We provide a full refund without time limitation for products that are returned with proof of purchase. This applies for products bought in stores as well as online.

Please note:

  • If you do not have proof of purchase, we offer you an exchange for another product or a credit voucher.
  • If you return a product that is damaged or used in a way which significantly reduces the value, we reserve the right to reduce the refund.
  • Custom-made products such as fabrics, mattresses or wardrobes made to measure generally have a reduced return value.
  • If you return the item at a JYSK store or otherwise make arrangements for the return yourself, we will refund the initial freight cost. If you prefer JYSK to make arrangements for the return freight, we will not refund the initial freight cost to you, as the amount will cover our cost of returning the item.
  • We offer a 100 day trial period for GOLD mattresses. Read more about GOLD mattresses.

Please note that the cost of additional services such as:

  • Carry in service
  • Carry up service

will not be returned if the delivery has been carried out.

How to return products purchased in a JYSK UK store or on JYSK.co.uk

In order to take advantage of the right of cancellation and exchange service, you must first ensure that the above conditions have been met.

For items that are available for sale online only, please contact JYSK UK Customer Service.

You can then return your items in one of the following ways:

Return the item directly to one of our many JYSK stores across the United Kingdom - in order to avoid return delivery costs. Bring the item to a JYSK store in its original packaging. Remember to bring a printout/copy of your invoice

Return the item directly to JYSK's Distribution Centre, along with a print-out/copy of the invoice. You will be responsible for all costs in connection with the return of the item.

The item must be returned to:

JYSK Bolton

Bolton Gate Retail Park



Telephone: 03300 883818

Cancellation of the order prior to receipt

If you wish to cancel your order on JYSK.co.uk before taking receipt of the item, you must contact JYSK UK Customer Service to cancel the order quoting your customer order number to arrange a refund of any items and delivery costs. If you have not accepted delivery of your order you will not be charged extra for the return of the order.

Withdrawal form


If your item arrives damaged or are faulty please contact JYSK UK Customer Service

Please note that as a customer you have two (2) months in which to make a claim regarding missing parts or packages. We suggest that you go through the entire delivery after you have received your goods. 


Take your small item to a JYSK store to arrange an exchange or replacement with our staff or contact customer service email. For large items, please contact JYSK UK Customer Service for further advice. 

If an item was defective at the time of sale, you have the right to exchange it for a new one; alternatively, we will attempt to repair the item. Your claim must be made within a reasonable period of time once the defect has been detected. 

The item must either be returned to one of JYSK's stores or sent to one of the addresses specified by JYSK UK Customer Service along with a print-out/copy of the invoice and a description of your claim. 

If you decide to return an item, you can arrange its shipment by contacting JYSK UK Customer Service

You will be responsible for paying the shipping costs/postage in connection with the return. However, if your claim is made promptly and the item in question is found to be defective, we will additionally reimburse you any postage or shipping costs. 

If you wish to have your purchase refunded, this can be made at one of JYSK's stores. Alternatively, we can refund the purchase amount to the card used to make the payment.

We offer a 2-year warranty period from receipt of the order on all items.

  • Does your product have a quality defect?
  • Are parts missing in your order?
  • Has the order been subject to transport damage?
  • Do you have other claim related issues

Contact one of the JYSK UK stores and bring along your receipt as proof of purchase. Alternatively, you can contact JYSK UK Customer Service. Use this form and attach an image of the defect/issue in question. Please enter your order number to minimize processing time.

Please note that the complaint must be made within a reasonable period of time from the time you identify the error. 

If JYSK UK approves the claim we will cover all costs related to the original order or offer you a replacement product.

You can also use the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution platform to file a complaint. This is especially relevant if you are a consumer resident in another EU member state. File your complaint here. When filing a complaint, you must state our email address "customerservice@jysk.com".


It is important to us that you are safe when shopping on JYSK.co.uk. JYSK UK is responsible for all data and complies with the European Data Protection Regulation 2018. 

The personal data that we collect will be stored by JYSK UK in Denmark and may be accessed by JYSK Group entities worldwide. It is stored securely with our hosting partners.

At any time you can

lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (e.g. the Danish Data Protection Agency)

request access to and rectification or erasure of the personal data

restrict or object to the processing of personal data

request data portability, if relevant

You can obtain further information on the personal data which JYSK stores and processes about you by contacting JYSK UK Customer Service.

Please be informed that the level of data protection as currently applied and enforced in countries outside the European Union does not conform to the level of data protection for personal data currently applied and enforced within the European Union. The transfer of data between JYSK group entities will be based on a data transfer agreement or other applicable legal basis. You may request a copy of the data transfer agreement entered between JYSK and its group entities by contacting JYSK UK Customer Service.

At JYSK UK, we are committed to complying with current rules and laws for good marketing. If you have consented to any of the below services, we reserve the right to send you updates to our Terms and Conditions regardless of whether or not you have withdrawn your consent. We will not send you any other type of information.

Collection and processing of personal data

JYSK UK collects data:

  • when you visit and shop on JYSK.co.uk
  • over the phone or at our stores
  • when you take part in surveys, competitions or promotions
  • when you contact our customer services team in store, online or over the phone
  • when you create a user profile on JYSK.co.uk
  • when you sign up to newsletters

What type of information does JYSK UK collect?

For the purpose of online commerce and customer satisfaction, targeted online marketing, improvements of our products and services, administrative and internal business purposes. JYSK UK, VAT 13590400, can collect and process the following personal data about you:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your telephone number
  • your email address
  • the IP address from which you are making your purchase
  • Selected delivery store
  • Company

All data will be treated as confidential information. JYSK’s processing of personal data relies on the following legal basis:

  • necessity for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is a party (e.g. purchase on JYSK.co.uk)
  • Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligations laid upon JYSK (e.g. to comply with bookkeeping acts)
  • Processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests of JYSK (e.g. internal business purposes, such as enhancing our site or improving our services and products and fraud detection)
  • Your consent (newsletters, register user)

We use your email address as a link in the completion of your orders and for the purpose of surveys. If you would like to receive our newsletter, it requires consent from you.

We do not use your telephone number to contact you for sales calls. You will only be contacted by us by telephone if there is a problem with your order and/or to obtain information about your delivery.

Your personal data may be used in the event of a police investigation, as we report fraudulent payments to the police. We share account and other personal information when we find it necessary in order to comply with applicable laws and to prevent theft and fraud, e.g. in connection with credit cards.

JYSK UK only transfers personal data to carriers related to the delivery. If necessary, JYSK UK transfers personal data to relevant goods suppliers. JYSK does not transfer, sell or in any other way make your personal information accessible to other third parties.

We will only store your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. The retention periods depend on type of the data and the reason why we collected and stored your data to begin with. We are constantly reviewing our retention periods, taking into account our reasons for processing your personal data and the legal basis for doing so.

Payment on JYSK.co.uk

When you shop on JYSK.co.uk, the payment is made via a secure connection, which ensures that your payment information cannot be accessed by an unwelcome third party. Read more about payment.

When you shop in JYSK UK stores

We use video surveillance in our stores. We do so to ensure security for our employees, prevent crime, and to provide evidence and thereby information for use by police investigations in case of any criminal activities. The video recordings are stored in secure environments and with limited access by security personnel.


We aim to offer a user-friendly website with relevant information. That is why we use technologies to collect and process information about the use of our website. We collect this information via so-called cookies. A cookie a small text file that is stored on your computer. Among other things, this means that our website remembers you, when you return to it, and that we can create a statistic showing how you and other users behave on the website.

We also use cookies from various partners to give us insights in what parts of our website the users visit. View detailed information about provider, expiry, and purpose of the individual cookies

You can change your consent to accepting cookies any time. Change your consent here. You can delete cookies at any time. On aboutcookies.org you can find a guide how to do it in different browsers. Your cookie settings will automatically be deleted after 12 months.

Please note that there are parts of JYSK.co.uk that you are only able to use, if your browser is set to accept cookies.

Some of the information that we collect can be published in anonymized form e.g. as information about the amount of users on the website. Information about our customers is an important part of our business and we do not sell or share this information with others unless you have consented us to do so.


For the purpose of distributing Newsletters, JYSK A/S, VAT 13590400, will collect and process the following personal data about you:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Address (optional)
  • Date of birth (optional)
  • Gender (optional)

We store your information in a database on a protected server. It is only JYSK UK's webmaster in collaboration with an external partner who has access to your information. We guarantee that we do not disclose or sell your email address to other companies.

We only send newsletters to recipients who have opted to sign up and we use so-called double opt-in so others cannot enter your email address. If you have received our newsletter without giving us your acceptance, it may be because a person you know has forwarded the newsletter to you.

When you sign up for the newsletter, you can expect to receive 1-4 weekly newsletters via email from JYSK UK. The newsletter contains the latest offers, news and information about current campaigns within JYSK UK's total product range. Upon registration, you further agree to receive service announcements, including reminders on abandoned basket on JYSK.co.uk, follow-up emails after purchase on JYSK.co.uk and emails containing JYSK UK products that you have shown interest in.

You can unsubscribe at any time from the link at the bottom of all our newsletters or by contacting our customer service department. If you have not shown interest in our newsletters for at least 3 months, we reserve the right to stop sending you our newsletter as a result of your inaction. You can of course sign up again at any time.

JYSK A/S will store the personal data until you withdraw your consent.

The legal basis for processing your personal data is the consent you have provided.


You can buy JYSK UK gift cards on JYSK.co.uk.

By purchasing a JYSK UK gift card, you accept general terms and conditions for gift cards.

You can use the gift card as payment in the country where it was issued. You can redeem the gift card when purchasing items in a JYSK UK store or on JYSK.co.uk. The gift card cannot be used to buy more gift cards. If the value of the gift card does not cover your purchase, you must pay the difference using one of the accepted payment methods.

On JYSK.co.uk, gift cards can only be redeemed prior to the execution of your order. The value of gift cards can be cashed out in one of our stores. There are no interests on the gift card.

If you have placed an order on JYSK.co.uk and paid with a gift card, we will issue a new gift card and if the order is canceled. If you have paid partly with a gift card and partly with a credit card, we will refund the corresponding amounts on respectively the gift card and the credit card.

If you have placed an order in one of our stores and paid with a gift card, and if the order is canceled, we will either issue a new gift card or cash out the amount.

The gift card can be used for payment without identification. The gift card may, however, be blocked if it is lost, for example by theft. JYSK does not replace lost gift cards.

You can buy JYSK UK gift cards up to the maximum £600.00 per gift card.

Gift certificates are valid for 5 years from the date of issue.



When you apply for a job in JYSK, your application and your data are recorded in our SAP HR recruitment system according to the following guidelines:


Your application and the personal data you enter will be used solely for recruitment purposes and will be evaluated by JYSK Recruitment Officers - including Store Managers, District Managers, Department Managers and / or the HR Department.

Your personal information will, of course, be treated confidentially.


Your application and personal data will be stored in the database in our recruitment system. Even if you are not successful for the position you have applied for, we will save your information for any future vacancy unless you actively go in to our recruitment database and delete your data / candidate profile or contact us directly at hruk@jysk.com.


It is up to you to make sure that the personal data you provide is correct and adequate. Please do not include personal information such as age, religion, sexual orientation, race or health information. Please note that your email address acts as your unique ID when you apply for a job at JYSK. We therefore recommend that you enter a personal email address that other people do not have access to.


All data is stored on secure servers at JYSK. Your data will be saved for up to 6 months and then will be deleted.


If you accept the Data Protection Statement based on the guidelines above, please check the box to give your consent and we will then be able to receive and process your application.

12. Business to Business specific terms and conditions

This section concerns specific terms and conditions for customers who purchase our products for commercial use.


Note that not all of our products are manufactured for commercial use, where harder wear and tear can be expected on products than with private use. If the products are used for commercial purposes, this purchase is therefore not covered by the warranty. If you need more specific instructions on what products we recommend for commercial use, you can contact JYSK Customer service. 

Right of return

Note that the right of return is void for commercial purposes. It is therefore not possible to withdraw from a purchase that has been bought in a commercial context. This applies as soon as you have shopped as a business or on a behalf of a business.  


Under no circumstances is JYSK liable for loss of profits, loss of operations or other indirect loss.