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Cozy inspired spa corner including slippers and a hot water bottle.
GESUNDA bathroom accessories with make-up bag and jewelry tray
Inspiring bathroom collection with multi-colour towels and marble accessories

Refresh your bathroom with Towels, bathroom accessories and much more

We use our bathrooms everyday, it's usually the first place we visit in the morning to start our day, shower and brush our teeth and the last place before heading to bed. Do you want to wake up to a fresh bathroom that fills you with joy to start the day? Sometimes just making a few small changes can make a big impact. Re-modelling the bathroom can be an expensive job so start with small adjustments to the colour scheme, accessories and towels. For the best bathroom décor, you can be sure to find great styles all in one place, and all at an affordable price at JYSK!  You’ll find everything you need to make your bathroom comfortable and stylish - from bathrobes, towels, shower curtains and bath mats to toilet brushes and soap dispensers, you can easily freshen up the bathroom without it costing a fortune. Explore our range and find a great offer. 

Everything you need to freshen up your bathroom decor

The bathroom may well be considered by many to be the smallest room in the home, but it's one that we use several times a day and one that should be consider to be very important! 
Most bathroom fittings are fixed to one place which means moving your layout around is impossible - so when you get the urge to change up your style you should turn to towels, bathroom accessories and shower curtains for inspiration. You can easily inject new life and fresh colours into your bathroom with matching bath and hand towels or use soap dispensers and toilet brush holders to add a splash of personality. Keep your bathroom cool with patterned designs and bold colours or transform your space into a tranquil oasis perfect for wellness days with coloured glass accessories, neutral tones, scented oils and candles. Treat yourself to our luxurious bathroom collection so every day can feel like you're staying at a 5 star spa hotel without the price tag! 

ECO-labeled textiles

The majority of our textiles are certified with OEKO-TEX, which is the world's leading health and environmental label for textiles. The label is JYSK's and the customer's assurance that the product does not contain harmful amounts of substances that are known to be problematic for health. When an item bears the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 mark, the entire item has been tested for harmful chemicals, including the parts that are not made of textile, eg zippers.

Because of this we can absolutely confirm that cuddling up in one of our towels IS good for you and your pocket! Check out the fantastic range and take a look at our bathroom blogs for bathroom decor ideas.