Shower curtains to revive your bathroom

It's time to shake things up in your bathroom, add a splash of colour and personality to your décor easily with a new shower curtain. It's a practical item for the bathroom when you take a shower or bath but not only that it can really revive a bland looking room. A shower curtain can put a personal touch on your bathroom and make it fun or stylish. Find a large selection of shower curtains from grey, white, blue and many other different styles, colours and patterns. We also have extra-long shower curtains. 

Colourful shower curtains to give your bathroom character

If you don’t have a fixed shower enclosure, a shower curtain is a bathroom essential – and one that you should look to replace as often as you can afford to (before it gets mildewy!). Thankfully, with JYSK’s amazingly affordable shower curtain range, you can chop and change every time you fancy a switch-up! Shower curtains start from just a few pounds each and are available in two lengths. As well as plain colours, we also stock a selection of bold geometric patterns and striking graphic prints that add a quirky designer touch to your bathroom décor. 

There’s lots to see online and in-store – you have no excuse to hang on to your tatty shower curtain for a moment longer!

Helpful information

Polyester shower curtains should be washed at low temperatures like 30°C. 
Our shower curtains come in two sizes 150x200cm and 180x200cm to help accommodate long baths.

A great offer for everyone 

We've divided some of our core items into three categories: BASIC, PLUS, and GOLD. These categories represent three levels of quality and price from great value for money to superior quality at affordable prices. No matter what your budget may be with BASIC, PLUS, and GOLD you're in control. Choose BASIC for great value for money. Choose PLUS for more choice and quality, at a sensible price. Choose GOLD for superior quality made with the finest materials, all at an affordable price.