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Man sleeping peacefully in bed with white pillow and white mattress topper

How to stop your mattress topper from sliding

Few things are worse than having a good night’s sleep be disrupted, and a shifting and sliding mattress topper can definitely lead to disruption. In addition to this, it is also cumbersome having to realign the mattress topper weekly, or even daily. Luckily, there are ways to prevent your mattress topper from sliding around on your mattress and keep it in place, giving you the best conditions for uninterrupted quality sleep.

What causes a mattress topper to slide around?

Before finding a solution to fixing a sliding mattress topper, it is essential to figure out what is actually causing the issue. There are several things for you to consider that could be contributing factors:

  • Mattress and mattress topper size
    An element of how well your mattress topper will stay in place – whose importance cannot be understated – is the size of your mattress topper in relation to your mattress. A mismatch between the two can lead to your mattress topper shifting around: A smaller mattress topper can slide into empty edges and corners on the mattress, while a larger one can end up hanging over the side of the mattress, pulling on the rest of it and displacing it in its entirety. 
  • Mattress or mattress topper age
    With an old mattress topper or mattress, the filling and fabric could be worn out. With less surface texture on either mattress, there will be less friction to keep the mattress topper in place. This will inevitably cause it to be less stable and slide around. 
  • Insufficient grip and friction
    Depending on the types of your mattress and mattress topper, as well as the materials they are made from, the grip between the two can sometimes be insufficient to keep the mattress topper secure and in place. This is especially the case if you move around a lot during the night, and even more so if your mattress or mattress topper is old and worn out.
  • Tossing and turning during sleep
    If you tend to toss and turn throughout the night, it could be a main reason for why your mattress topper is shifting and sliding. A frequent change in sleeping position throughout the night could also be an indicator that your current mattress topper is no longer providing sufficient support for your body which is essential for proper rest and a good night’s sleep.

What can you do to keep your mattress topper in place?

There are several things you can do to stabilise your sleep setup and stop your mattress topper from sliding. Our three primary tips are the following: 

  • Ensure that your mattress topper and mattress are of the same size
    If your mattress topper and mattress are of the same size, the fit between the two will be snug. A snug fit will provide the best conditions for a stable sleep setup, and ultimately a mattress topper that is much less likely to slide around. Luckily, finding the right fit is easy as mattress toppers come in many sizes – and in our assortment you will find a mattress topper that is a perfect fit for your mattress.  
  • Consider if it is time to purchase a new mattress topper 
    Getting a new mattress topper is a great reset if you are experiencing any age-related issues with your current mattress topper. With new fabric and filling that have not been worn out, your mattress topper will be more stable and thus less likely to move and shift out of place. 
  • Create more friction and grip for your mattress topper
    Place a blanket, underlay, or something similar beneath your mattress topper to create more friction and grip. Creating more friction is great solution for preventing your mattress topper from moving around, and there are many solutions to accomplishing this: You can use mattress underlays and non-slip underlays that are specifically designed to stabilise your mattress topper and to keep it in place, but you can also use rug underlays for the same purpose. 

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