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World Sleep Day

Sleep is a topic that gets a lot of publicity these years. Numerous sleep apps for our smartphones promise to help us forget our worries so we can fall asleep. You can read stories designed to make you relax enough to drift off. There are calming sleep music playlists that can help us calm down, you can listen to podcasts centered on sleep and you can monitor your sleep with a sleep tracker that supervises the amount of time you spend asleep, your sleep quality etc.

World Sleep Day was introduced in 2007 with the intention to celebrate sleep and raise awareness about important issues related to sleep. With all the focus on the seamless journey to dreamland and on a calm, steady sleep one could wonder if one single day is enough to cover all these aspects.

Nevertheless, World Sleep Day is a valuable reminder about the importance of sleep for our wellbeing. It is the World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society who organises World Sleep Day. In countries all across the world NGOs, hospitals and universities plan events and activities centered on sleep.

World Sleep Day 2021 

World Sleep Day 2021 takes place on March 19th and has the theme, “Regular Sleep, Healthy Future”, highlighting sleep as an important pillar of health. Regular sleep is closely connected to healthier physical and mental state and your quality of life can be improved with healthy sleep. On the other hand, health declines and the quality of life decreases if you are sleepless. 

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