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Large water-resistant gazebo in beige with adjustable sides and insect screen sides

A buyer’s guide to choosing the right gazebo

Are you looking for an easy way to upgrade your outdoor spaces at home so you can enjoy every single second of summer? With a gazebo, this is exactly what you get: An affordable option to bring your home outside, allowing you to live inside out in the best way possible.

A gazebo provides the perfect setting for inviting friends and family over to have a great time. Set up your gazebo, bring out your lounge furniture, decorate for a great atmosphere and pure comfort with string lights, cushions, snacks, and beverages – sounds like a great time indeed.

In this guide you can learn more about the ins and outs of gazebos, ensuring that you will end up getting the right gazebo for your wants and needs. 

    1. Benefits of a garden or patio gazebo

    If you are planning to entertain in your garden this summer – or simply to make the most of every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, a gazebo might just be the solution. You can place your gazebo on your patio, in your garden, and certain smaller, more portable gazebos may even be brought to the park. With a gazebo, you can bring your living room outside. There are many ways in which a garden gazebo can help you make the most of summer, as it essentially extends your summer season, giving you and your loved ones many opportunities to enjoy summer to the fullest.

    • Quality time in the garden
      A gazebo is an ideal spot to rest and unwind, offering shaded comfort on sunny summer days. Relax with refreshing beverages, enjoy music, or lose yourself in a good book.
    • Shelter with side panels
      Equipped with side panels, a gazebo with sides can withstand windy and rainy conditions, transforming into a cosy refuge if the weather takes a turn for the worse. It provides shelter from rain, snow, wind, harsh sunlight, and insects, ensuring comfort in various outdoor settings.
    • Garden parties and get-togethers
      Gazebos are perfect for hosting garden parties, offering ample space for dining tables, chairs, and lounge sets. Invite family and friends to create cherished summer memories beneath the canopy of the gazebo.
    • Outdoor events in public
      Gazebos are also well-suited for public settings such as park events. They provide sheltered spaces for gatherings, ensuring comfort and enjoyment for you and your companions.

    2. Consider the intended use for the gazebo

    When selecting a gazebo, it is essential to consider and determine its intended purpose. Whether for relaxation, intimate dining, providing shade for a children’s play area, enclosing a hot tub, or hosting perfect summer barbeques, your intended use will heavily impact the ideal features.

    Gazebo size matters

    Choose a gazebo in a size that aligns with your specific needs and available space. Whether you prefer a light, compact, and easily portable option for small gatherings and canopy shade on the go or a larger, more permanent structure for regular dinner parties, selecting the right size ensures that the gazebo will be ideal for you.

    A gazebo to suit every need

    Different types of gazebos cater to varying needs, particularly concerning size and detachable walls. Explore our assortment below to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. From stylish designs to practical features, we offer a range of options to suit every preference and purpose.

    Whether you envision a semi-permanent gazebo retreat in your garden or a lightweight, flexible option for impromptu shelter during summer, selecting a gazebo that meets your wants and needs is essential to consider in advance.

    3. The ideal location for your gazebo

    Selecting the perfect spot for your gazebo involves careful consideration of available space, the planned duration of the setup, and essential amenities. This becomes especially important if you intend to have your gazebo in place for more than a few days, ensuring that the chosen location offers both stability and convenience.

    • Ensure that there is enough available space for the gazebo where you intend to set it up
    • Assess the stability of the ground to prevent any unexpected issues
    • Consider the proximity to power outlets for lighting, music, and other electrical needs

    By evaluating these factors in advance, you can ensure that your gazebo placement enhances both the functionality and enjoyment of your outdoor space. 

    4. Gazebo materials and features 

    Most contemporary gazebos are made with polyester, including the gazebos you will find in our assortment. Polyester is a durable and maintenance-free textile that is often used in outdoor furniture and accessories. Polyester's resilience makes our gazebos ideal for enduring various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting and low-maintenance enjoyment. You can learn more about polyester and other materials that are commonly used in garden furniture and accessories in our comprehensive guide to garden furniture materials.

    • Wonderfully water-resistant canopies
      Polyester canopies provide excellent water resistance, allowing our gazebos to withstand rainy days without dampening your plans. Whether it turns out to be raining on the day of your summer get-together or peaceful outdoor retreat, fret not – our water-resistant gazebos keep you sheltered and dry.
    • Flexible yet sturdy structures for long-term enjoyment
      Constructed with steel frames, our gazebos offer both strength and flexibility. They are foldable for easy storage when not in use and effortless to set up whenever you are ready to enjoy the outdoors.
    • Detachable side panels or walls
      Many of our gazebos with sides feature detachable walls or side panels, providing flexibility and adaptability to changing weather conditions or privacy preferences. Enjoy an open structure during fair weather or quickly create shelter and privacy as needed – easy as. 
    • Block up to 98 % of UV rays
      Similar to garden parasols, some of our gazebos effectively block up to 98% of the sun's harmful UV rays, ensuring a comfortably cool and sun-safe environment even on the brightest, most sunny days.
    • Insect net side panels
      Some of our gazebos are equipped with insect net side panels, allowing you to enjoy fresh air and sunlight while keeping pesky insects at bay.

    Our OURENSE gazebo offers beautiful details and adjustable walls with insect nets, providing ultimate comfort for a charming garden retreat. Enjoy the flexibility of easily adjustable walls featuring inner insect screens, allowing for a more insect-free experience. 

    5. Our selection of garden gazebos 

    Explore our diverse range of garden gazebos below, featuring flexible setups including options with or without walls, detachable side panels, insect nets, and more. With something to suit every functionality, aesthetic, and purpose, there is a gazebo for everyone.

    As a core component of our extensive garden assortment, gazebos are a specialty at JYSK. As one of Europe's largest retailers in garden furniture and accessories, we offer expert guidance and advice to help you find the perfect gazebo for your needs. Visit your local JYSK store – your ideal garden retreat is just a visit away.

    6. Create a personalised gazebo haven

    Spruce up your garden gazebo into your own personalised haven, tailored to suit your style and aesthetics. Enhance your outdoor area with beautiful garden furniture, comfortable cushions, and warm lights to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.

    Add lanterns and string lights for evening gatherings, incorporating planters for lovely greenery. Set a beautiful table with plates, glasses, napkins, and candles for an unforgettable experience. For more inspiration, check out the selected decor below or explore our in-depth guide for tips on how you can decorate your garden or patio gazebo to make a true outdoor oasis in your home.

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