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Woolen socks on a knitted blanket with inserts of fleece throw and faux fur hide

Which fabric keeps you the warmest?

The materials that you choose for your throws, bed linen and rugs are important if you want to stay warm on cold days. The fabric that keeps you the warmest is - generally speaking - a thick, fluffy type of fabric. The thicker and airier the fabric, the warmer it is. Your body heat warms up the air closest you and a thick and airy fleece throw or woolen rug holds on to that air, and helps you stay warm.

Stay warm with a fluffy throw

When shopping for any kind of fabrics for your home, look out for soft and fluffy materials. A fleece throw in the sofa can help you achieve a cosy and warm feeling. 

Get comfy with a seat pad

If your dining chairs are made of wood or plastic, they can feel cold when you first sit down. Seat pads in faux fur or a rich and fluffy teddy material will feel warmer and comfier.

Rugs can prevent cold from the floor 

Rugs have insulating qualities and can help prevent cold from rising through the floor. Choose a woolen rug or a shag rug with a lot of long, thick strands to keep your feet warm.

Hides will keep your back warm

A hide is both thick and furry and ideal to keep your back warm if you place it in an armchair or on a dining chair. Choose one in real lambskin or faux fur, depending on your preferences.

Stay warm at night with the right bed linen

Falling asleep can be difficult if you feel cold, but the right bed linen can change that. Fabrics such as fleece and flannel are thick and fluffy and can help you stay warm when you lie down at night for some shuteye.

Warm fabric types

Although wool may be the fabric most well-known for its insulating qualities, materials such as fleece, flannel, fur and faux fur are great alternatives with strong abilities to keep you warm. When you go shopping for warm throws, rugs or bedding, look out for thick and fluffy materials that can hold on to your body heat.

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