Refresh your interior with a comfortable seat pad

Whether you favour traditional wooden country chairs or the sleek lines of contemporary plastic, metal or moulded seating, you might find that you require a bit of extra comfort with a seat pad or chair cushion! Here at JYSK we have a range of seat pads for every type of chair whether they are square or round. A chair cushion can offer you some extra support if you are going to be sitting at the computer or on a hard stool for a long duration of time. Our chair cushions are made of faux fur and other fabrics including cotton. Our colourful and neutral cushions can also add some decoration and atmosphere to any room throughout your home. Shop online or at your nearest JYSK store and choose from our range of seat pads in white, pink, grey, blue, olive green and so much more.

Add extra style and support with our range of seat pads 

If you want to achieve the optimum comfort in your dining table chairs, you should buy some seat pads. At JYSK, we‘re happy to offer a range of seat pads and chair cushions to avoid having to sit uncomfortably on a hard chair while you enjoy a leisurely meal, family board game fun , or a lively late-night discussion. You can choose from foam and fibre seat pads in a variety of shapes that are designed to fit most regular chairs. Opt. for classic buttoned, fibre-filled cotton dining chair cushions in a selection of neutral shades, or go for gorgeous faux fur or lambskin seat pads for textural contrast. Our chair cushions are intended for use indoors but they can be used to add comfort to outdoor seating on dry days.

Browse and buy seat pads and chair cushions online or test drive them in one of our stores to find the perfect solution.