Duvet cover sets in high quality

Treat yourself to a high quality duvet cover set and you will be guaranteed the best night's sleep – you won’t be sorry! If you want to change your décor without spending a fortune on wallpaper, soft furnishings and accessories, consider the impact you can make by selecting stylish or matching duvet covers. At JYSK, we have a constantly updated range of quality bedding and bedding sets at affordable prices. You’ll find easy-care polyester cotton options as well as sophisticated cotton sateen and snug cotton flannel duvet covers in a variety of colours and design options, allowing you to create the bedroom of your dreams in a matter of minutes.

Is there a better feeling than getting fresh bedding? 

A new duvet cover is a great way to bring a splash of personality to your bedroom. You can keep your bedroom decor simplistic with some key pieces like a block colour duvet cover set available in white, grey, blue and green colours just to name a few. If you prefer decorative bedding you'll be spoiled for choice with our subtle designs. Within our multi-selection, you will find a range of character designs for kids, as well as patterned bedding, including florals, tartan and stripe designs, to suit all ages.

At JYSK you will find bed sets in different materials and qualities:

Cotton - Bedding in delicious natural material with good absorbency. Here are different types of cotton bedding. Including percale which is tightly woven cotton, which is extra durable, and washed cotton that has a naturally worn look.

Cotton Satin - Soft luxury bedding in exclusive cotton weaving. Often confused with the previously familiar shiny and smooth bedding.

Flannel - Lightly scratched and brushed cotton that has a soft surface and is waxy and extra warm.

Polyester Microfibre - Comfortable and durable bedding that does not shrink or curl

Our bedding sets for children and juniors are made of high-quality cotton.
The higher the thread count you choose, the softer and more dense the fabric is covered. Our range of duvet cover sets carry the 'Confidence in textiles' label which satisfies the stringent testing criteria of the International OEKO-TEX® Association and is free of harmful substances.

Dream away in exquisite duvet covers 

Our duvet cover sets are available in many different colours and patterns. We stock striped and checkered bed sets, and prints with flowers, shapes, circles and much more. We also have between comforters and pillowcases with stitching and mirror edges - a delicious detail that is the icing on the cake. Why not choose a plain bedding set to create a calmer atmosphere in the bedroom or a duo reversible bed set with different colours on each side so you can flip it. That way you can easily vary the colour according to your mood. You may also like to couple it with a fitted or flat sheet to pair with your bedding.

We stock multiple sizes including single, double, king and super king and have a range of fun and exciting character designs – including top film and pop star options – for kids so that you can find the perfect set to fit your duvets and pillows. Browse our selection online, or ask an expert in your local JYSK store.

Bed linen is available in many different colours and patterns. You can find striped and checkered bed sets or prints with flowers, shapes, circles and so on. You can also choose between comforter and pillowcases with stitching and mirror edge - a delicious detail that is the icing on the cake. Our bed linen for children and young people is packed with the latest popular designs and great colours. You can also simply choose a plain bedding set to create a calmer atmosphere in the bedroom.

There is also bed linen with different colour on each side so you can flip it. For example, your pillow may have the light blue side of the bed up, whereas the duvet may have the dark blue side up. That way you can easily vary according to your mood. You may want to buy a sheet that matches your bedding.