Choose the best pillow for a good night's sleep

Take time to choose the right pillow and you’ll be on your way to getting the best night’s sleep ever! Our pillows are divided into BASIC, PLUS and GOLD ranges. This simply means that we have something to suit any budget. In our range, you will find different types of pillows for babies, children and adults. Everyone’s idea of the best pillow is different. Some appreciate firm support, others want to sink into a cloud of marshmallow-soft down. From memory foam pillows to the softest of feather pillows, whatever your personal preference, we have a pillow to suit at JYSK. In our Pillow Guide we provide more information about the different types of pillows that we offer at JYSK.

48 products
    48 products

    A good night's sleep starts with a pillow

    A pillow that provides the correct support is a key factor in getting the best night's sleep possible. At JYSK, we offer a wide selection of affordable and quality pillows with natural fillings, including down and feather pillows, as well as bed pillows with varying densities of synthetic fibre filling. Have you considered the benefits of a memory foam pillow – or even alternative fillings such as buckwheat or cool silk?

    You may blame your bed or mattress for a bad sleep or sore neck, but it could very well be a wrong pillow. Our collection allows you to choose the right amount of fill for you - first you should address your sleeping position and this will help you to identify what type of pillow you should use. You can find help in our sleep advice. Consider first whether you sleep on your back, front or side and what type of filling you favour as well as if you like a high or low head position. Then come along to JYSK and try them out!

    Once you've chosen your pillow you should think about pillow cases, bed sheets and a duvet cover set to finish off the refresh of your bedroom or spare room. 



    Pillows with natural filling consist primarily of down and feather, but may also contain materials such as silk, wool, linen and kapok. A pillow with natural filling is soft to the touch and easy to shape.  This is an advantage if you alternate between sleeping on your back and side and thus need to adjust the filling.


    Fibre pillows contain synthetic filling.  Pillows with synthetic filling may feel more elastic than those with a natural filling. It is a matter of preference whether you prefer a pillow with natural filling or fibre filling.


    Special filling may consist of memory foam or latex. This type of filling provides maximum support, as the filling is made of more compact materials.

    Memory foam pillows form to the precise shape of your head and neck. With a pillow filled memory foam you lay ergonomically correct through the night, as the foam adapts to your body and sleeping position. The pillow supports you all the way from the shoulder to the neck, so that blood flows freely and easily and you avoid tensions and tension headaches. Memory foam pillows are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes