A plump feather pillow for a great night's sleep

Pillows with natural filling consist primarily of down and feather, but may also contain materials such as silk, wool, linen and kapok. A pillow with natural filling is soft to the touch and easy to shape. This is an advantage if you alternate between sleeping on your back and side and thus need to adjust the filling. For aficionados of natural fillings, a pillow that incorporates light-as-air down is the ultimate in comfort and luxury. For a very plump pillow that your head comfortably sinks into, then duck feather pillow or goose down pillow, may be the choice for you from JYSK.

Comfortable pillows made from natural materials filled with feathers 

There’s still a choice to be made between different types, heights, and weights of fill and because everyone’s idea of the perfect pillow is different, we go to great lengths to offer as comprehensive a range as possible. Our premium selection includes practical duck feather pillows, super-soft down pillows, and pillows with alternative fillings such as buckwheat and sumptuous silk. Some say that a goose-down pillow is the best pillow money can buy – but don’t take our word for it!

It’s worth taking the time to find the pillow that’s just right for you. So, browse our range online and then head for your nearest store to experience our natural collection for yourself. And don't forget to team up with a pillowcase to add to the design of your bedroom.

Take a look at our animal welfare policy to make sure you're getting the most ethical and top quality of feathers.