Quality and affordable children's bedding that brings life to any room

If your children are old enough to know their own mind, they are probably the perfect age to start choosing their own bedding as it suddenly becomes important to them what their room looks like. From multiple fun designs to children's bedding together with popular movie characters and cartoons, there is a great range to choose from at JYSK. Some of our themed covers include famous movies such as Frozen, Paw Patrol, Fortnite, Lego, Pokemon, Minions and much more. We even offer a range of animal design covers such as horses and unicorns. Pick from a variety of matching, colourful and patterned boys bedding, girls bedding or a cover to suit both.

Kids bedding full of colour and fun designs!

A themed duvet set is a great way to bring a splash of colour and personality into your children's bedroom. That said, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with kids’ changing tastes – no sooner have you kitted out their bedrooms in a parade of Disney characters, than they go all Justin Bieber on you! Thankfully, at JYSK we have a constantly updated selection of children’s bedding featuring an array of up-to-the-minute patterns, prints and motifs, and all at super-affordable prices so you will not wince when a new favourite emerges. The best part is that most of our kid's duvet covers are 100% cotton which will help them get a great night’s sleep.

There are multi colours and patterns to suit both boys’ bedding and girls’ bedding, as well as those that are gender neutral. All kids’ bedding sets are machine washable and conform to international health and environmental standards so you do not have to worry about them getting stained.