Revamp Your Space with Our Wide Range of Cushion Covers

Enhance your home decor with our premium, durable cushion covers. We offer a diverse range of cushion covers that are perfect for adding a touch of colour, texture, and style to any room. Refresh your living space with ease by swapping out cushion covers for different seasons or occasions. Opt for light, airy colors and prints in the spring and summer, and switch to warm, cozy tones in the autumn and winter. Our cushion covers make it simple to keep your home decor up-to-date and seasonally appropriate. Cushion covers are an affordable way to update your decor, allowing you to experiment with new looks and trends. Check out our diverse range of sofas and armchairs to style the perfect cushion cover. Choose to mix and match your cushions to create the perfect hygge in your bedroom. Shop our collection at JYSK UK and discover the perfect cushion covers to elevate your home decor.

An easy way to bring colour into your home to refresh your space

From time to time we want to re-decorate, change up our style and give our home a refresh. Before you start on the paint and carpet samples - think cushion covers! Brand new cushions can be expensive and maybe you love how comfy your existing cushions are but are tired of the design - so why not give your existing cushions a new lease of life with new cushion covers. Cushions covers are a simple and effective way to transform your living room and bedroom. We have a brilliant selection of cushion covers in various colours, sizes and materials. Choose from tones of grey and shades of pink to geometric designs that will suit your home decor and impress your guests. With cotton cushion covers you'll have the luxury of brand new scatter cushions without the cost and compromise on comfort. Get creative with your interior design and layer your cushions on the sofa in the lounge or on your bed in the bedroom - you can choose to mix and match different patterns and designs or keep it simple with tones of one colour. 

Mix and match colour and textures:

  • Solid Colors and Patterns: Combine solid-colored cushion covers with patterned ones. This mix creates visual interest and prevents the decor from looking too monotonous.
  • Varying Textures: Use different textures such as velvet, linen, silk, and knit. Textured cushion covers add depth and a tactile element to the decor.

Use patterned, colourful cushions to make your space stand out:

  • Colourful cushions covers enable you to lend your living room a warm, welcoming atmosphere therefore making it a pleasant place to spend time in. Mix up your colour scheme take a look at covers with patterns and designs and choose from a myriad of prints, patterns, colours and fabrics. As a rule, patterns and colours are the hardest choices to make when buying new cushion covers so remember to be aware of the style you want to create in your rooms: romantic, minimalistic, futuristic, masculine or some totally different style altogether. Finally, it is a good idea to make sure that the colours recur in the rest of your interior design.

Express your style by personalising your space: 

  • Choose cushion covers that reflect your personal style, whether it’s modern, bohemian, rustic, or eclectic.
  • You can easily change cushion covers to reflect your mood, season, or new trends, giving your home a dynamic and updated feel.