Sofas become the centerpiece of the living room

A sofa is probably one of the first furnishing pieces you’ll buy - so choose one that you'll want to kick back and relax on, drink your morning cuppa on and binge watch your favourite programme on! Whether you prefer a classic and timeless design or a modern and sleek look, a comfortable and stylish sofa is a key investment in creating a welcoming and cozy living room. At JYSK, we offer a diverse range of sofas that cater to different lifestyles and interior themes, ensuring you find the perfect piece to suit your needs.

Discover the heart of your living room with our exquisite selection of sofas. Shop now and transform your living space into a hub of comfort and style, where cherished moments are shared and cherished for years to come.

27 products
    27 products

    If you’re in the market for a sofa then look no further

    Your interior decor is a great starting point. A grey sofa is the perfect complement to almost any colour scheme and won’t clash with bright hues or soft pastels. Choose from JYSK’s extensive selection of sofa sets and you’re sure to find a style, shape and size that suits your living space. We have trendy retro-inspired settees, small sofas and couches suitable for compact spaces and larger sofas with chaise longue extensions for the ultimate relaxation.

    Most of our sofas and sofa sets can be supplemented with matching or coordinating armchairs in a range of materials. Browse online or mix and match in store! If you're looking to re-decorate on a budget and are looking for affordability you won't be disappointed in our range. Look out for our offers throughout the year and you can always take advantage of our in-store financing options. 

    Lounge about on a sofa 

    Scandinavian design sofa? You're in the right place! Our collection of sofas boast a simplistic design with a timeless look. Whilst the wallpaper and colour scheme may change now and then, with neutral colours and tones of grey your sofa will last in your living room decor for years.

    Choose carefully, because you’ll spend many hours on it - sitting down and relaxing after a hard day's work, reclining with a book, or enjoying a good film with friends and family. Consider size, scale and shape as your starting point. A too-small sofa may feel cramped but an over-large one can dwarf a modest room and make it seem even smaller. Think about whether you need a two-seater sofa or a three-seater sofa – or whether an L-shaped, corner couch with a chaise longue would better suit your needs and take your relaxation to the next level! When it comes to the finish of our sofa range we've opted for comfort which is why you'll find fabric, upholstered couches with wooden feet available in either light wood or dark wood. 

    If you're looking to re-decorate on a budget and are looking for affordability you won't be disappointed in our range.