Sofa beds combining comfort and practicality

We love space savings ideas and especially furniture that offers more than one use! Sofa beds are the compact homeowners dream, offering the practicality of everyday use and transforming into a spare bed when guests stay over. 

Get multiple uses out of one piece of furniture

Sofa by day and bed by night, this versatile furnishing piece can be a welcome addition to any room. Our selection of 3 seater sofa beds include chaise longue design with reversible functions so you can choose which side the corner goes on. Not only that but the sofa beds also have built-in storage under the chaise longue! We also have an easy adjustable flip-back function or reclining option in an on-trend ink blue. We've chosen upholstered fabric for our sofa beds so that you don't have to compromise on comfort. The easily transformable sofa beds are great for getting comfy on the couch for movie nights with friends and family with extra legroom and relaxation. 

The secret to a successful interior design is to find furniture with multiple features that will save you space and help you stay organised. A sofa bed or a daybed is a flexible solution that allows you to utilise the space in your home without compromising on aesthetics and quality. Therefore, they are ideal as an alternative to a sofa in the living room or for example in the guest room.

How to choose the right sofa

If you would like some guidance on choosing your sofa, read our helpful blog with helpful advice and things to consider before you buy. How to choose the right sofa.