Hallway benches in beautiful designs

An entrance bench is both practical and decorative furniture. Use a bench when you need to take off or put on your shoes and to create a welcoming entrance to your home. At JYSK, we have upholstered benches, benches with built-in storage space and benches in many different styles. Whatever you are for the modern or classic look, we have an entrance bench that fits into your interior design. 

    Hallway Units - Hallway Benches


    Benches with underneath or internal storage are a great way to organise your hallway. Find comfortable, padded, fabric benches - perfect for taking a pew when you're taking your shoes on or off. Choose from underneath shoe racking, inside storage compartments or simple and lightweight designs in a variety of styles including vintage, minimalist and Scandinavian inspired. Whether you prefer natural wood finishes, such as oak or pine, black or white gloss, or metal - we have a diverse assortment of benches to fit any hallway or entrance.