Redecorate and transform a room with new cushions

An easy way update any room of the home without re-decorating is to introduce new cushions. From vibrant colours and wonderful textures to bold designs and simple patterns - our cushion range allows you to express your style anywhere you like. Whether you like to keep up with the trends and mix up your style or prefer a cushion to have a timeless aesthetic you'll find what you're looking for with cushions from JYSK.

98 products
    98 products

    Decorate with scatter cushions 

    Cushions are a great way to give your home a new lease of life without having to redecorate. If you're looking to add some flare to your home then our extensive assorted colour options will do the trick - inject a pop of pink, cool shades of blue or tones of green that will bring nature inside. Grey cushions are a classic neutral staple and suit most home interior décor - with faux fur, chunky knitted and ombré styles your cushion collection will be right on trend at affordable prices. Decorative cushions are especially suitable for decorating on a budget as the colours and styles of the cushions can change depending on the season. With relatively small means you can follow the current trends while giving your home furnishings versatility and a twist with new cushions or cushion cases.

    Tips for decorating with cushions 

    New cushions are perfect for giving your interior design a bit of oomph, without costing an arm and a leg or requiring major re-modelling. Here are some tips about what to bear in mind before you go out and invest in some new cushions for your home.

    How to choose the right cushion

    Size, pattern, colour, shape and the number of cushions are the most important elements you need to be in control of before buying new cushions. There are many different decorative cushions available, but they will not all necessarily match your style and needs.

    The choice of size for your cushions depends on the size of your sofa or armchair. For example, you can use larger cushions in your sofa than the ones you choose for your armchair. If you want to create a more lounge-like mood, you can choose large cushions as an extra backrest for your sofa, which can also be used on the floor if, say, you lack space in front of the TV set.

    Find new cushions that match your interior design

    Cushions are an indispensable interior element in any home. They are attractive and comfortable, and they are a relatively affordable way of injecting new life into your home without having to spend a fortune.

    It may be a good idea to choose cushions that match your carpets and rugs. This can create a great interaction between the colours in your space. If you are using both new cushions and new rugs in your remodelling, and you like dark, romantic colours, you might like to draw inspiration for decorating your living room from Bohemian style. Overall, when choosing cushions make sure you pick some that are consistent with the rest of your living room and which, for example, match your sofa in terms of colour or fabric.

    Add style and cosiness to your home 

    It’s amazing what a difference you can make with a soft throw and a handful of cushions. So, if your sofa’s looking a bit down in the dumps, your favourite chair needs some TLC, or your bed is under-dressed, help is at hand. We stock a massive selection of cushions and we’re updating our designs regularly, which means you can find a fresh look whenever you want. Choose from snuggly faux-fur cushions, funky on-trend designer cushions or striking photo-print cushions – mix and match styles, colours and sizes to create a collection that perfectly complements your decor. 

    Here at JYSK, you will also find a wide range of comfortable bedroom pillows as well as padded and cushioned garden lounge cushions. Check out the range of cushions online or in-store and make sure you grab your favourites while they’re still available!