Sit back and relax with a comfortable cushion

Decorative cushions not only add atmosphere to a room, but they also add extra comfort while relaxing on a sofa or armchair. Explore our selection of large cushions that are ideal for better back support whilst sitting and for use on the floor. Keep your home warm with our assorted draught excluders for the bottom of your doors - retain heat with our range of draught excluders available in different colours and designs. 

9 products
    9 products


    Our large square and rectangular back cushions have a soft, plush filling which add extra comfort. They available in grey, green and off-white. If your colour taste is a little more vibrant you could always choose a cushion cover to find a style to suit you without compromising on the comfort. Alternatively, back cushions are great for placing on the floor for additional seating if you have children around.  At JYSK you will also find draught excluders which help to minimise drafts and prevent the cold from spreading through doors and windows around the room.


    Size, pattern, colour, shape and the number of cushions are the most important elements you need to be in control of before buying new cushions. There are many different decorative cushions available, but they will not all necessarily match your style and needs.

    The choice of size for your cushions depends on the size of your sofa or armchair. For example, you can use larger cushions in your sofa than the ones you choose for your armchair. If you want to create a more lounge-like mood, you can choose large cushions for your sofa, which can also be used on the floor if, say, you lack space in front of the TV set.