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Which is your sleeping position?

Your sleeping position and your personality

The music you love to listen to, the style you choose for your clothes, the way you decorate your home or the way you shake someone’s hand, they all say something about your personality. The position you choose for sleeping also says something about you.

But unlike musical or clothing preferences, which are all conscious decisions, the sleep position is an unconscious decision. This is why the position you sleep in reveals your true self. Research has shown that sleep positions can be linked to certain personality traits. Which sleep position do you prefer and what does it say about your personality? Read below to find out.

The Fetus

Sleeping position and your personality

The fetus position is the most common sleeping position and it is preferred by twice as many women as men. If you sleep in the fetus position you might seem tough, shy or drawn at first sight, but when someone starts knowing you better they will find out that you actually have a sensible soul and a kind heart. 

Advice: If you sleep in the fetus position and you want to have a healthy sleep, it is recommended to put a pillow between your knees, that way there will be less tension on your muscles and your back.

The Soldier

Sleeping position and your personality

You sleep on your back, with your body in a straight position and with your hands down, close to your body, like a soldier in a military camp. Those who sleep like a soldier are quiet, reserved and have high expectations from themselves and from others.

Advice: The Soldiers should sleep on a surface that supports their back well, this is why the mattress is extremely important. Choose a firm mattress or one with a medium firmness.

The Freefall

Sleeping position and your personality

When you sleep on your stomach with your head turned to one side and your hands up around the pillow, you sleep in the freefall position. If you are among those who love to sleep like this, you are very communicative, extroverted, direct and sensitive. You don't like to be criticised, take decisions quickly and dislike extreme situations.

Advice: Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended, because it builds tension in your neck. But if you can only fall asleep while lying on your stomach, you could try to put a pillow under your stomach to reduce the tension. Or you can rest your head on a low pillow.

The Starfish

Sleeping position and your personality

The Starfish sleeps on their back, with both hands up around the pillow. If you do too, you're always ready to help others and you are a good listener and you make a great friend. You don’t like to be the centre of attention and you're an introverted person. Just like soldiers, people who sleep in the starfish position might snore and sleep poorly.

Advice: You will have a healthier sleep if you put a pillow below your knees, to reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve.

The Stargazer

The Stargazer sleeps on their back, with both hands up placed under their head or under the pillow. If you are a stargazer then you are optimistic and carefree and go through life happy. You tend to put your friends on top of your priority list and do all you can to help your friends out.

No matter what position you prefer, choosing the right mattress and pillow will help you sleep better. You can find out more about the healthiest sleeping position here. And you can read more about how to choose the perfect mattress here.


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