Foam mattresses for a great night's sleep

Foam mattresses can be a popular choice with the memory foam support and pressure-relieving qualities. Let our selection of foam mattresses give you the best night's sleep, whether you prefer a soft, medium of firm mattress, the choice is yours! If you need advice and guidance before you make your choice, read our JYSK mattress guide, where you will get good advice on how to choose the right mattress. Explore our range and find a good offer. 

7 products
    7 products

    Foam mattresses

    Foam mattresses have come a long way. Once the province of camp beds and very occasional guest beds, they’re now a bona fide alternative to a traditional spring-filled mattress.

    Of course, we still supply foam fold-up mattresses that are suitable for camping trips, festivals and the odd house party. But the really big advances have been made in the development of the memory foam mattress. A GOLD memory foam mattress from JYSK marries layers of pressure-relieving memory foam, together with resilience foam and visco gel memory foam to create a uniquely comfortable combination. This compound moulds precisely to the contours of your body relieving pressure in muscles and joints and alleviating circulatory problems. The best memory foam mattresses have a soft, durable cover to make for a great night’s sleep.

    Why not head to your local JYSK store to seek advice from our experts, try out the mattresses and decide which type of firmness, support and comfort is right for you?!