Bed frames 

When picking your bed frame you should consider your bedroom decor. Our wooden bed frames are available in a variety of designs and colours including natural wood, white and wild oak. If you're looking for practical storage solutions a selection of our bed frames come complete with built-in under bed storage. Our collection of bed frames range from single, double, king and super king and are guaranteed to suit every budget. 

    Bedroom - Bed Frames

    Bed frame ABILDRO DBL 140x200 black
    £139.99 /each
    Save 32%
    Bed frame VEDDE DBL 140x200 wild oak
    £249.99 /each
    Save 26%
    Bed frame POLDEN SKG 180x200 white
    £199.99 /each
    Save 25%
    Bed frame HALD DBL 135x190 light oak
    £209.99 /each
    Save 21%
    Bed frame OLSKER DBL 140x200 oak
    £249.99 /each
    Save 20%
    Bed frame LINTRUP DBL 140x200 oak
    £349.99 /each
    Save 21%
    Only online

    Bed frames

    If you're looking for Scandi-style bedroom furniture you're in the right place! Our wooden bed frames are all beautifully simplistic in design and even offer practical built-in storage. You'll be inspired by Nordic interiors with our selection of bed frames - the mixture of textures and sleek design will help you to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your bedroom. After all, you spend a lot of time in bed, so not only will you want it to look great but you need it to serve its purpose and support you when you sleep - that's why choosing a wooden bed frame from JYSK is a solid investment. 

    Simply pick your preferred style and size – a single bed frame, double bed frame, king size bed frame or super king bed frame – and select a mattress from our extensive range to top it all off. Then prepare for a great night’s sleep!