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Staycation ideas for outdoor weekend trips

You don’t need 1 or 2 weeks’ vacation to plan a getaway with family or friends. Sometimes 1 or 2 nights away from home is all we need to recharge. Therefore, we want to inspire you to create small outlets for you and your closest. The focus is that it should be easy, low budget and for everyone.

Quality family time – even just for a day or two

There is always the option to book a hotel for a night but that will not give you and your family the same experiences as exploring the outdoors. So even if the budget isn’t an issue then a night or two outdoor is something to consider. Not having pre-booked anything also makes it easy to take a spontaneous trip or reschedule if the weather is bad.  

A tent or a shelter is a good solution and will work for both children and adults. A good tip is to try out camping in the garden. This way you make sure that the whole family enjoys sleeping outside but you also have the option to go inside if required.

Check out our assortment of tents that will fit many budgets. No matter if you choose to sleep in a tent or a shelter you will need something to sleep on and in. Whether it should be an air mattress, or a roll mat is a matter of preference, but if you want maximum comfort we recommend an air mattress. A sleeping bag is a practical choice - especially if you are hiking to the campsite.

Quit the routines and see what happens

The point of a small getaway is to get a break from everyday life and to recharge. Therefore, it shouldn’t be something we only do once or twice a year. Often the most of us could use it every other month. When the weather is nice nature provides us with plenty of fun experiences that don’t cost a thing.

Make it an adventure or a small survival trip where you cook over an open fire, hike, explore nature and investigate what animals live at the campsite – or even just in your own garden.

A trip like this will require a bit of planning the first time, but afterwards it will be easy to go on a spontaneous getaway in nature.

Gear up – get all the correct equipment

By acquiring a few key items, you can without any trouble start your outdoor adventures. Depending on how much comfort you and your family require the level of equipment can vary.

See our list of camping equipment for an outdoor mini vacation:

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