Cool bags for the day trips to the beach

On a hot summer's day what better activity to do than pack up a picnic and head out on a day trip to the beach or park. You'll want to make sure you're tasty treats are kept cool until lunch time so make sure to get yourself a quality cool bag for your adventure. Our selection of cool bags come with zip locks, straps and adjustable handles for easy transportation and carrying. Remember to place a couple of ice packs inside to keep everything fresh ready for tucking into when you arrive at your destination. 

3 products
    3 products

    Grab a cool bag and enjoy a picnic this summer

    Take a sunny day, add a bunch of friends plus some of your favourite finger foods and you have all the ingredients of a great picnic!

    No-one wants soggy sandwiches or warm beer, though, so give a little thought to preparing your spread in advance and you’re halfway to a memorable day out. A JYSK cool bag or picnic bag is a must. Made from wipe-clean materials, a good cooler bag can be packed with food and drinks, fresh and ready to share and enjoy when you get to your destination. It’s a good idea to ensure all your contents are chilled thoroughly before adding them to the insulated cool bag and to top them off with a frozen ice pack for good measure, especially if you’re not eating for a few hours.

    Another great tip is to match the size of your cool bag to the contents – so choose a small cool bag for a one- or two-person lunch, and a bigger picnic bag for an al fresco feast with friends!