Sleeping bags for all year round

Whether you are going camping or staying with friends or family, a sleeping bag is an easy and practical solution. It can be an advantage to go for a sleeping bag that can withstand low extreme temperatures if you need to sleep outdoors in the winter season. Sleeping bags from JYSK consist of a filling of polyester fibres or polyester. All our sleeping bags come with a holster or a compression bag, so it takes up as little space as possible and is easy to take with you. Make sure to check which sleeping bag length is right for you.  


2 products
    2 products

    Cheap sleeping bags for any occasion 

    It is important to think about what you are going to use your sleeping bag for. If you’re planning a summer of travel, heading out to the festival fields – or simply thinking of accommodating a few extra house guests, you’ll want to consider whether you might need a sleeping bag where you can keep warm even if the temperature drops

    It’s a good idea to give some thought to the type of sleeping bag you need – are you hoping to sleep under canvas (or under the stars) or will its use be confined to a blowup bed in the spare room? You can get specialist thermal sleeping bags for extreme temperatures but if a summer’s night around a camp fire is the coldest condition you’re likely to experience, a general purpose travel sleeping bag may be your best bet. JYSK has a range of sleeping bags to suit different budgets and seasons – all offering great value for money.

    Pair your sleeping bag up with a good air bed or an insulating roll mat – we have standard and self-inflating options to choose from. All of our sleeping bags are tested in accordance with the European norm, EN 13537.

    The selection of sleeping bags at JYSK

    At JYSK you will find a good selection of cheap sleeping bags. We have both summer sleeping bags and winter sleeping bags, which can withstand large temperature fluctuations, and have a low minimum temperature all the way down from +5 degrees to 0 degrees - depending on the model. So you can choose the sleeping bag that suits your needs. Our sleeping bags are available with two different types of zipper - one-way zipper or two-way zipper. One-way zipper can be zipped up completely and used as a duvet, whereas with a two-way zipper, you can open the sleeping bag up where you want and create some ventilation - for example, if you get hot feet during the night.