Camping chairs for holidays or festivals

Don't let the name fool you—camping chairs offer far more than just convenience during camping trips. These chairs prove to be versatile companions that can enhance your experience at festivals, beaches, or even while lounging in your own garden. For those seeking ultimate comfort, reclining camping chairs provide a luxurious option, as they come with adjustable backs to ensure optimal relaxation in any preferred position.

Camping chairs for your next adventure

For those who find irresistible the call of the open road and the allure of spontaneous camping getaways, having a collection of packable equipment designed for travel is essential. And when it comes to assembling your gear, practical camping chairs should undoubtedly be at the top of your list. The value of folding camping chairs cannot be overstated—they are true treasures.

At JYSK, you'll find an array of affordable options to choose from. Whether you prefer classic picnic chairs, folding chairs, or beach chairs, their selection has got you covered. With these reliable companions, you'll always have the luxury of enjoying a good sit-down and a cup of tea, no matter how far your wanderlust takes you.

What type of camping chair should I use?

When choosing a camping chair, consider your preferred seating style and comfort. Our range of camping chairs offers both options with armrests and without armrests, each with its own advantages.

Camping chairs without armrests are lower to the ground and feature a sloping back, allowing you to relax and soak up the sunshine. On the other hand, camping chairs with armrests provide a sturdier sitting experience. Some even come with built-in drink holders, perfect for enjoying a beverage by the campfire or while watching your favorite band perform.