Camping Tents For Every Adventure

The British outdoors are unpredictable, so if you're shopping for a less expensive tent for a music festival, a spacious luxury tent for the family's annual camping trip, or simply a small play tent that the kids can hide out in the garden. Its important to choose the right size for your needs. 

Shop our 2-man tents- ideal for 2 people for shorter trips or our 4-man tents- can sleep up to 4 people, offering more space and are perfect for getaways. 

At JYSK, we have your camping trip sorted. Shop all your camping accessories from roll mats, air beds, camping chairs, and sleeping bags

Get your new tent at JYSK 

Tents are synonymous with freedom. No matter where the journey might take you, a tent is easy to pack up and take with you. If roughing it outdoors is your style, then all you'll need is a tent, roll mat, and a sleeping bag. If you prefer a bit more luxury, then you might want to opt for a comfortable air bed. For the full camping experience, team your tent with camping chairs and a camping table to enjoy long summer evenings in the great outdoors.

What size tent to choose 

When choosing your tent you'll want to take into consideration how many people are coming on your trip and how many items you're bringing with you. When it says '2 man' or '4 man' tent this means how many people would fit in the tent sleeping side by side, so it doesn't take into account your belongings. You'll want to keep that in mind when choosing your tent so that you can relax of the evening in your portable home without feeling too cramped inside.