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Vacation vs staycation: 3 types of holidaymakers

The summer holiday is around the corner, and there are (at least) 3 different types of people when it comes to planning the time off: Those who live in the now and get surprised that the summer holiday is already here. Those who wait and see what comes up and if the weather decides to behave. And finally the more organised types who like to know what they get. Maybe you recognise yourself in our list below? 

1. The impulsive “we don’t plan'ners"

You like to let yourself go with the flow and just see what turns up around the next corner. This also means that you risk that all hotel rooms and Airbnbs have been booked when you want to go away on vacation. Never mind! Just turn your vacation into a staycation. You can create a perfectly relaxing vacation for yourself in your own home and garden or an exciting one full of new discoveries in your hometown. The upsides:

  • You avoid long flights or exhausting car rides
  • You get to discover hidden gems in your neighborhood and get the chance to see those sites that you always wanted to see, but never had the time to
  • You get to enjoy your discoveries in your everyday life in the time to come

Turn your place into the hub where friends and family meet and share their discoveries. Make an exotic spot in the garden or the balcony and invite everyone for a relaxed, impromptu get-together.


2.    The “wait and see’ers” 

Do you want to wait and see how the weather turns out, before you place your bets? Does it take a while for you to decide where to go and what to do? As time flies by, hotels tend to get booked, and maybe none of the last minute offers tempt you – or maybe you want to go on holiday without flying. Luckily you can always go camping instead. Get a family tent or rent a mobile home. The upsides: 

  • You get back to basics surrounded by the beauty of nature
  • You can refine your marshmallow roasting abilities 
  • You get to sleep under the magnificent night sky, listening only to mother nature’s own breath 

What camping gear do I need, you might ask yourself. See our checklist with camping essentials

3.    The structured planners

If you are more of a planning type, you probably booked your vacation a long time in advance. Maybe you have a family and kids that don’t like surprises. You might also know that the best chance of relaxing is to organize for it to happen. All that is left now is looking forward to some time of R&R in a hotel, on a city break or in a holiday cottage in the countryside. The upsides: 

  • You can dream about the vacation for months in advance
  • You have lots of time to do research and plan what to experience 
  • You can get far away from your daily routines so you can really wind down


We probably can’t tell you something that you didn’t already think of yourself, but anyways, here are our tips on things to take on holiday: 

Are you leaving on an airplane this holiday? Get our Airplane travel checklist 

Tips for non-vacationers 

If you are looking to make money on your vacation instead of spending it, you can consider becoming a landlord and listing your home on Airbnb or a similar platform. Make sure that your place feels appealing to a lot of people with our Summer house and holiday cottage decorating ideas


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