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HARMONY - new trend in JYSK

HARMONY - calm and inspiring


Category: Trends

Tags: Vases and Flowers, Decoration, Baskets

New year, new trends. In JYSK, we welcome 2019 with three new trends called SUNBAKED, HARMONY and NORDIC LIGHT.

With the light and easy HARMONY trend, we go back to basics and strive for comfort and calm. Drawing on an inspiring base of colours and tactile materials, this trend focuses on the well-known while at the same time presenting new material compositions to broaden our horizon.

Natural and soft materials define the trend, such as wickerwork, bamboo and seagrass as well as linen, cotton and terry.

Some of these in combination with other materials such as stone, concrete, metal, ceramics and wood.

This trend combines classic colours with new objects and materials to create an inspiring universe.

The colour tones are warm and comforting, creating a palette that has an inviting, familiar and reassuring quality. Inspired by the world's multitude of skin colours, this trend celebrates the diversity of our world.

The products will be available online from February 11th and JYSK stores from February 15th. 

Read more about SUNBAKED and NORDIC LIGHT.



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Carole Brown

In the picture with 2 baskets, there is a cream wall hanging, is this available in store?


Hi Carole,

Yes, this is actually a rug and you can find it here:…