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Duvet cover set white with coral and peach circle design wooden oak bedside table

The buyer’s 2 favourite bed linen


Category: Bedroom, Children

Tags: Bedroom, Duvet Cover Sets, Children

Every room in your home should make you feel comfortable, but new bed linen can serve as a little extra luxury in your everyday. The visual expression of your bedroom is important for your sense of harmony and the feeling of the soft fabric against your skin invites you to relax.

New season means new bed linen in JYSK. We have asked our skilled Category Manager, Kathrine Møller Vinther about her favourites among the new assortment and as always, she has several goodies for us.

ELLEN – all about craft and colour 

Bed linen in light purple and green hanging on a rail

“ELLEN is 100 % soft cotton, and a very simple, monochrome design, that you can style however you like. You can use either the light purple or the green bed linen in any bedroom and it will add a modern, young and fresh look. In a way, the simple look is also a reminder to let myself relax and take time to tune out. There is no busy patterns or disturbing details - only the craft and the colour.”

EMMA - playful design and two tone colours

"EMMA is a super affordable 100% cotton bed linen range that would suit anyone's budget. The playful design with peachy tones would give any neutral bedroom a bit of character whilst maintaining a simplistic style. The colours have a nostalgic and sun-faded look. Coral, rose and orange are important colours and the way the colours are mixed is important: They go hand in hand."

Do you have high standards? Read more about our high quality bed linen in the SCANDINAVIAN SENSE product line

Rebecca Social Media and Digital Coordinator

My favourite is Vida because it looks fresh and soft like surf on the tide coming in .

Vicky Graham

Vida looks fresh and good for boys or girls