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Summer 2019 house decoration trends

Home decoration trends for Summer 2019

With a new season comes colours, patterns and shapes in different varieties. This summer is no exception. Based upon the trends that we call SUNBAKED and NORDIC LIGHT we welcome you to two different universes of design and décor.


SUNBAKED is a trend that we introduced in the beginning of the year and has proven to be strong and long lasting. This trend is influenced by the beauty of warm and dry destinations. The signature colours are different shades of coral, ranging from cameo brown and apricot blush to shell pink. They all possess the perfect summer vibe that goes so well with the warm sun and time for relaxation. You can find these colours showcased across all kinds of items – even the garden chairs SANDVED. With this trend we want to inspire you to contemplate, encourage you to be reflective and to get new perspectives on life. The NITTEDAL hanging chair will gently sway you while you embark on your spiritual journey.

The natural materials that we present within SUNBAKED are combined with sweet details such as embroidery, fringes and ceramics. The BAMLE series (garden furniture made from bamboo) is a great example of the natural focus, where the materials have existed in their own right before they get a new life in our homes.


A few months ago, we also became acquainted with the cool and ethereal trend NORDIC LIGHT. If you ever wonder about Scandinavian happiness, this trend could hold some of the answer. The tranquility of nature and serenity of the North Sea create a sense of belonging that lets the Scandinavians find inner peace.

NORDIC LIGHT combines the skies’ and the sea’s blue and green shades with masculine shapes and industrial materials like metal and glass. The colours are visible in textiles, decoration and furniture in a way that is grounded and calm – much like the Scandinavians themselves. The contrasts between colours and shapes make this trend come alive and like the northern lights, which the trend is named after, it offers ever-changing yet constant beauty.

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