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children's bedding and bedroom ideas

Children's Bedding Ideas

The bedding you choose for your kids helps to set the style of the children's room. Whether you go for a classic pastel colours or a bright print or motif, the right bedding can set the scene for your child's personal space. Get inspiration and creative advice on which bedding you should choose.

Kids' bedding for the little ones

Of course the very little ones don't have much to say about what their bedding looks like. As a parent, it can still be a lot of fun to create a special style in the baby's room, and the bedding is a big part of this.

Boys and girls bedding ideas from JYSK

You can get cot bed and toodler sized kids duvet covers in different styles. Choose bedding in pastel colours, if you want to create a cute and classic baby room, or choose something with a lot of colour to create a more fun style.

Pictures and characters on bedding

Already at the age of two some children have a strong opinion about what is cool and fun. If your toddler loves Hello Kitty, Star Wars or Frozen, the fun motives on the children's bedding will, without a doubt, arouse joy and excitement.

Hello Kitty duvet cover set from JYSK

Naturally, the older kids will also have an idea about what's cool and what is definitely not. If you son or daughter is a big fan of football then bedding with their favourite team would make a cool addition to the posters on the wall. And if Justin Bieber is played on repeat, then it's now also possible to get a print of the singer on your kids’ bedding.

Bedding for older kids

Often, the older children want the decoration of their rooms to look more raw and grown-up, and the last thing they want is for their rooms to look childish. For the rock enthusiastic teenager, bedding with rock bands might be a hit since it creates the exact right style in the room.

Urban motives is often also something loved by many young teens. City scapes are very popular, and you can often choose bedding featuring London, Paris or New York. With bedding like that the kids can easily dream of new adventures in exciting cities throughout the night. 

Bright colours

A lot of bedding for children has very bright colours, whereas adults tend to go for more of a minimal style and theme. Therefore you can pick from a great selection of kids bedding in bright colours, which helps create a fun and playful stile in your kids' bedroom.

Creativity with kids' sheets

A fun idea is to buy colourful sheets. If the room has a football-theme you can buy a green sheet resembling a football field. And if you're extra creative you can use white fabric paint to make lines where the goals are just like on a real football field. Or how about creating a flowery meadow by painting flowers on a green sheet? That could go very well together with horse bedding

Choose the right sheet

Even though style is important in the kids' bedroom, the functionality is still a top priority. When it comes to the bed, your choice have an impact on your child's sleep and therefore also on how well-rested your child is in the morning. When you're picking a sheet for your child there are several things you should consider – both in terms of material and type of sheet. If your child sometimes wets the bed it can also be a good idea to protect the mattress. 

Childrens bed frames and bunk beds at JYSK

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