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3 bedrooms, 3 interior design styles

Once you have taken care of your sleep quality with the mattress, duvet and pillow that fits your needs, it is time to add that little extra. Your bedroom is the place in your home to surround yourself with items that reflect what you love and who you are as a person. It is not that difficult to get a stylish bedroom with a clear theme - or to change your theme, if this is what you prefer. Take a look at these 3 interior design styles and find out which one fits you and your personality.

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Modern décor style

This interior has a touch of the design style of the 1950s and 60s. The materials are both wood and metal, and the furniture design is functional, reflecting the intended purpose of each piece. Here, the slightly masculine pieces of furniture are matched with more soft and feminine accessories.

The colors are neutral and unnecessary details have been eliminated. This "minimalism" will make the room look less cluttered - even if you forget to make your bed. 

Scandinavian décor style

The light summer nights are reflected in the design typical of the Scandinavian style. The palette is primarily natural and white with single splashes of colour in a piece of furniture, a cushion or other type of textile. The – often wooded – furniture is functional like in the Modern décor style, but also have lines with a purely aesthetic purpose. The Scandinavian style is spacious, takes maximum advantage of natural light and draws upon simplicity, combined with an almost careless elegance. 

Even if you live in a studio flat, and have to fit a desk into your bedroom, you can still decorate it in style.

Bohemian décor style

With a clear feminine vibe, the Bohemian style is popular for both interior décor and fashion. It reflects an artistic lifestyle with globally inspired textiles. Size and shape of the furniture are not important – anything goes as long as you love it or it has a story to tell. Unlike the Modern and the Scandinavian décor styles, the Bohemian style means filling every visual and physical space. Make small sceneries with items that match or complement each other and voila: Your bohemian style bedroom is done.






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