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Nordic Mood collection May

Trendy yellow makes its way


Category: Inspiration, Trends

Tags: Decoration, Candles and Lanterns, Cushions

A new Nordic Mood collection hits our stores in May. This time, the collection is inspired by yellow, a color that is trending massively this season both when it comes to fashion and interior decorating. It really helps shake off the winter gloom and is perfect for creating summer vibes in your home. It is a pure blow of fresh air after the darkness of the winter - bright, loud, glistening with joy and illuminating the world around us. Call it cream, saffron, marigold, or lemon — all these shades fall into the yellow category.

The matches that you can make with yellow might actually surprise you. Smoky colors are great companions, but how about the dark tone of greyish pink as in these images?

Start small, with a light-handed take on this color to create a happy, welcoming spot. It doesn't need much to be great, so leave alone your little splashes of joy and let the naturally cheerful color be the star of the room.

Other characteristic qualities of this Nordic Mood collection are soft fabrics, decorative ceramics and styled handicrafts. In combination, they create an inspirational space with room for company, imagination and play. A light expression and the bright colors in contrast to a carbon black side table create balance in the home.

Candlelights create a vibrant atmosphere, and the playful wooden blocks create dynamics.

You'll find everything from cushions and throws to plant pots and tealight holders in the collection, so go ahead and let the spring inside your home.

Facts about Nordic Mood

Four times a year, JYSK composes a new, trendy collection of goods under the name Nordic Mood.
All items are already for sale in JYSK's stores and at from the beginning of May. The items are displayed together in stores so that customers can get inspiration for how the products work together.