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New small furniture concept in JYSK

Trendy, eye-catching small furniture for your house decoration


Category: Inspiration

Tags: Shelves, Mirrors, Coffee Tables

Are you looking for a splash of colour for your home? Or for an unusual shape or for a playful combination of the two that can add that something extra? Whether it's dining room, bedroom, hall or living room décor, we are confident that you can find one or more items in our new small furniture assortment that will fit right in. This season, we present 8 new pieces of small furniture that no doubt will be a trendy addition to your home.

Home interior with a twist

"Our new small furniture stands out from the crowd in their own way," says purchaser of small furniture Susanne Bank.

The new items include three different decorative wall shelves (GIMMICK, OVAL, and FRAME IT), a side table (CUT OUT), in two different colours, a clever little shelf (UP SIDE DOWN), a practical trolley (MOVE IT), a functional mirror (FACE ME), and a rustic shelving unit (DIY). All of them will attract extra attention with their new colours and shapes and they will definitely spice up your home décor.

“With our new small furniture, we would like to take the lead with distinctive designs and eye-catching colours. They are not intended as a coherent collection, but as individual small furniture that our customers can use to add a little colour to their home,” says Susanne Bank.

House decoration with multiple functions

These small furniture pieces are all very different, but they do have one thing in common: they are all very versatile and can be used in different ways. The MOVE IT trolley is perfect in the kitchen for convenient storage of pots, pans or vegetables - or in the bathroom for your lotions and hair dryer. The DIY shelving unit fits right in your garage workshop as the place where you keep tools or cans of paint - or in the children’s room where it can store toys and books.

The same flexibility goes for the other items - the only limit is your imagination...

The 8 new small furniture items are available online and will be sold in stores no later than August 7th. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!