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Nordic Mood collection January 2019

Nordic Mood: Warm colours and intriguing shapes


Category: Trends

Tags: Vases and Flowers, Candles and Napkins, Decoration, Carpets and Rugs

Sometimes rethinking the décor in your home can be rather challenging. If you are struggling with finding inspiration, look no further! We have put together a new Nordic Mood collection for you, with items that match each other and are easy to fit into your existing interior design.

We turn down the colours in the collection, where we go for a grounded and inviting expression.

Burnt and brownish nuances create a balance in the collection, which will be for sale from January 30th and displayed at stores from February 12th.

Different nuances will emerge in the use of glass, metal and soft textiles.

In combination with colder materials like cement they form a framework for a warm but also very Scandinavian expression. 

The shapes are also in focus, where especially the organic and round forms play an essential role in 2019.

The green plants bring life to the burnt nuances and welcome the budding springtime. These green nuances will give a warm, earthy and Scandinavian expression to any home.

The items in the new Nordic Mood collection are going to be displayed in a special area at our stores for your inspiration. This accentuates the design line and the way the items interact and supplement each other.

Facts about Nordic Mood

Four times a year our skilled Purchase team handpicks pieces for a trendy collection of items by the name of Nordic Mood.

The Nordic Mood collection is only available for a limited period.