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jungle and cactus accessories from JYSK

Nature moves inside with the URBAN JUNGLE trend


Category: Trends

Tags: Trends, Towels, Cushions, Throws, Garden Planters, Decoration

Get inspired by the new trend URBAN JUNGLE and learn how to get the exotic trend in your own home.

Inspiration from Cuba and Havana
URBAN JUNGLE is an exotic style which continues the botanical trend where nature moves inside. The inspiration comes from Cuba and Havana with fresh blue, green and yellow shades and floral prints. The materials generally used are earthy fabrics and light wood.

Vivid colours and motives
Plants, fruits and other fascinating motives from nature are moving inside as part of the URBAN JUNGLE trend. Use vivid colours and pictures on as many items as possible. Combine these with basic white tones and natural materials to hit just the right balance.

Green plants
Another simple, affordable option is to introduce a lot of green plants into your home. This will also give your décor a sense of letting nature inside - not to mention a pleasant indoor climate, which plants and flowers also give to a room.

Bring life to your home décor
From boxes and ceramics to towels and pillows, you will find a wide range of URBAN JUNGLE-themed items in our assortment. Mix and match your personal favourites to get an individual style in your home and bring life and colour to your home décor.

Handpicked by our range and design team
The URBAN JUNGLE trend has been handpicked by our range and design team to offer you a wide selection of inspiring items.