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JYSK UK stores closed for retail staff Christmas eve

JYSK UK Stores closed on Christmas Eve


Category: Life at JYSK

This year on Christmas Eve all of the JYSK UK stores will be closed. This initiative was brought in two years ago by country manager, David Ashton. We asked David to give us an insight into why he decided to close all retail stores one day before Christmas.

“As a retailer we know that when our doors are closed then we are not making sales, however as an employer we know the value in a motivated team serving our customers and happy teams make happy customers.

“Since 2017 we have always closed for one extra day over the Festive period. In that first year we chose New Years’ Day, however we reflected and spoke to some of our teams, in doing so we established that as a business and employer we would much rather close on Christmas Eve.

“What is unique about closing on Christmas Eve is that all our people have two days (including Christmas Day) whereby there is ‘no such thing’ as work – because we are closed. That means everybody at JYSK has those two days off – not something that always can happen in retail, as often it was a trade-off between those who worked Christmas Eve and those on Boxing Day.

“We really appreciate the hard work our teams do for us throughout the year, whilst it is a small gesture, we know that they really appreciate starting the Festive fun early with friends and family.

“So make sure you visit us before closing on the 23rd December for that extra dining chair – because you never know who will be your surprise guest this Christmas!”

We spoke to our retail staff to find out what it mean't to them to be able to have time off over the festive period.

“The store now being closed on Christmas Eve and the reduced Christmas opening hours really does mean a lot. My family live in a different city to where I live and work so this now means I can spend more time with them over the Christmas period.”

Natalia Innocente, Store Manager, York

"Having the store closed on Christmas eve means that I get to spend more time with my family over the festive period and that I work for a company that does this for you especially in the retail industry where it’s un-heard of"

Dale Sykes, Deputy Store Manager, Wakefield

"We all get some time with family Over the holiday as much as we all love working we all need time to enjoy Christmas with friends and family I think most business and company should follow in a similar direction so that Everyone can enjoy Christmas."

Darcey Ratcliffe, Sales Assistant, St Helens

"For myself as a store manager the lead up to Christmas is a very busy time of year both with work and with my family, with JYSK closing all its stores Christmas Eve gives me the opportunity to wind down with my family and get excited for the big day itself! Christmas is family time and can’t explain how much I love the fact that my employer have given me these 2 days off to spend with my family and loved ones."

Claire Cox, Store Manager, Rotherham

"It’s amazing that we close on Christmas Eve because it gives us chance to spend time with our friends and families at such a special time of year! It also allows us two whole days to relax"

Callum Bacon, Shift Responsible, Mansfield