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Tina Nymann presents new decorative items in the JYSK assortment

The Buyer's favourite décor


Category: Trends, Inspiration

Tags: Vases and Flowers, Decoration

Tina Nymann is JYSK’s Category Buyer of home interior décor since 2015. We have asked her to share her favourites among this season’s new decorative items in the JYSK assortment with us.

“Well, we have a lot of beautiful and exciting novelties this season, but I really have to highlight the vases in general, and three of them in particular,” Tina starts and goes on: “GESTUR, HILMIR AND MANFRED are all what I like to call “luxury vases” with beautiful shapes and fine details and both GESTUR and MANFRED are mouth blown.”

GESTUR – no two vases are alike

“GESTUR is an absolutely lovely mouth blown glass vase. I think of it as a piece of glass art: Each vase is unique. In the bottom it is rose coloured and towards the top, it becomes transparent. But what really makes this vase so special and gives it a very delicate look, are the little copper “pearls” that bubble their way to the mouth of the vase. It is 30 cm tall and with a diameter of 18 cm it looks good on the floor as well as on the table. You don’t even need to fill it with flowers – it looks beautiful on its own. What I also love about this vase is that it is so versatile. You can use it for lighter flower arrangements as well as heavier.”

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HILMIR – eye-catching and playful

“This vase is a great example of the trend that we call Memphis – one of our 3 trends this fall. Memphis is characterized by a playful approach to shapes. HILMIR is made out of rose coloured glass with a trendy pattern of grooves. It bends itself in an organic shape that you can really appreciate when you look at it from above. It is easy to fill with flowers – but also looks stunning with just a few - or on its own as a decorative sculpture.

MANFRED – sophisticated elegance

”With MANFRED I feel like we have struck gold. It is mouth blown, has a cool shape and smoke coloured transparent glass. It really is a piece of décor in itself and the shape and the glass captures the light in a beautiful way. The slim shape ensures that even a few flowers present themselves at their best, so you don’t have to fill up the vase.”

As good as real plants

“I also want to give some attention to our new arrivals within artificial plants. In JYSK we have a lot of different artificial plants and we strive for selecting those with a look that is as natural as possible and in different sizes and designs. Artificial plants are a really easy and decorative way of creating a nice, organic atmosphere in your home. Not to mention that they are a one off, affordable investment that will last forever.”

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