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Lantern, bamboo plant pot, battery lamp and table lamp and vases with artificial flower bouquets

The Buyer's favourite décor


Category: Trends, Inspiration

Tags: Vases and Flowers, Decoration

Twice a year we ask Tina Nymann, JYSK’s Category Buyer of home interior décor about her favourites among the new arrivals in the JYSK assortment: “I believe we need some warmth and cosiness now that we are approaching the darker and colder months, so I have handpicked three items that add just that to your home.” Tina begins.

MIKKI bamboo plant pot and MINGUS battery lamp

Lantern, bamboo plant pot, battery lamp and table lamp

“Let’s start with MIKKI,” Tina suggests and goes on to describe the bamboo plant pot in detail. “For a while now we have seen plant pots and vases on legs or a small stand and this trend is in no way over. MIKKI is a charming example of this, and what I would call a pedestal for plants.”

MIKKI is made of bamboo, and has plastic on the inside so you don’t risk water running out. If you want to be extra safe, use an artificial plant like ARVID, that needs no water. 

Tina continues with another one of her favourites: “MINGUS is a bamboo battery lamp with a warm decorative light. The light shining through the patterned lampshade looks very pretty and just the sight of it will keep you warm on a cold evening.”

MINGUS has a non-replaceable light bulb and a timer so you don’t have to worry about turning it off.

Both MIKKI and MINGUS go extremely well with the AAMUND lantern and the small TORMUND basket, which are also made from bamboo.  


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DAVID artificial flower bouquet 

Two artificial flower bouquets in vases

“DAVID is in fact two different versions of an eternity bouquet,” says Tina about her third favourite. “DAVID is available with light and with darker flowers and branches. Both are “wildflower” bouquets with a very casual expression. They look like you put them together of flowers, branches and straws that you picked on a walk through a meadow.”  

While looking very similar to dried flowers, DAVID is artificial, so you can give it a quick shower to rinse off dust when needed. The flowers are 65 cm tall, but you can bend them at the bottom so they also fit in smaller vases.