Beautiful vases & plant pots for botanical vibes around the home

Vases and plant pots are an easy decorative item to add colour and contrast to any room of the home. Whether you're looking for a table centrepiece or small accent vases for windowsills and shelving, you'll find a beautiful selection at JYSK. You can fill your vases with fresh flowers weekly or opt for long-lasting artificial plants and flowers, you can even leave the vase empty and use as a stand-alone decorative accessory. With our selection of vases and plant pots you can be expressive and choose something eye-catching! Discover coloured glass vases with textured detailing in grey, green and brown and stoneware vases with retro shaping and designs, plus so much more! Find something you'll love for your home at prices you'll love even more.

Choose and fill your indoor vase 

Do you buy fresh flowers every week or do you prefer the lasting beauty of artificial plants? Either way, a selection of vases is a homeware essential.

Whether you get the odd bouquet on birthdays and holidays or choose to fill your home with artificial flowers all year round we have a varied assortment of vases to accommodate your plants and flowers. We have a great selection of vases in a variety of shapes and sizes that showcase classic Scandinavian design including stoneware, ceramic and glass vases, without the designer price tags. Choose from classic glass vases or opt for unique ceramic shapes to create an interesting centrepiece for your dining room. And if you’d rather create a display that doesn’t need any maintenance, we also stock a range of artificial plants in a variety of colours and contemporary styles. 

Shop a varied assortment of indoor plant pots - ideal for kitchen herb gardens or for displaying artificial ferns. Choose from a range of sizes and colours - try a plant pot with legs and fill it with luxurious succulents and shrubs to create a welcoming and contemporary arrangement.

5 ideas for decorating with vases

Using vases as decorative pieces is an inexpensive way of finishing off your interior décor design. We've listed below examples of how to use vases for decoration and how to style them around your home.

  1. Make a bold statement - whether it's because of the pop of colour or the size of the vase, you can make a bold statement in any room.
  2. Dress your hallway - welcome yourself and guests into your home with a beautiful composition of a vase and flowers or several vases. 
  3. Create a focal point - use a colourful vase to draw attention or fill a clear glass vase with lemons to give a pop of colour.
  4. Utilise space on different levels - don't waste space on cabinets or high shelves, make sure to add a vase or two to give depth to your interior.
  5. Use various sizes for contrast - with a combination of colours, tones and materials, a cluster of vases at differing heights can make a striking spectacle.