Decorative home accessories for the finishing touches

Decorative accessories are the nice to have, finishing details to your interior decor, the pieces of homeware that are personal to your taste and style. With our range of decorative accessory you'll have plenty to choose from including cute trinket boxes to store jewellery, larger storage boxes for special items to trays and mirrors, sculptures and wall decoration. 

Fill your home with decorative pieces you love 

Discover our range of decorative accessories including ornaments, artwork, trays, boxes, and other items - that help to complete the look of your home interior. We’ve gathered a carefully curated selection of on-trend Scandinavian-inspired home decorations at affordable prices. Our collection of decorative pieces includes sunburst mirrors, sculptures and ornaments, decorative art, and a range of trays to style these on. Decorative trays in a range of metallic gold and silver designs are a glamorous way of displaying your decorative items, why not place them on a shelving unit, in the window, or as a dining table centrepiece to accent your existing home décor?

How to display your decorative accessories 

When it comes to styling your home, decor pieces there are a few tips we'd like to share with you so that you make the most of your space. 

  1. Quality over quantity - pick the pieces that you really like. (we know it can be hard - we've got so much to offer!) Try not to overcrowd the area you are placing your items. If you're using a shelf or windowsill choose a select few pieces that pair well together to create a small display.
  2. Create a skyline - When you have a relatively large surface to decorate, it is a good idea to imitate a skyline. Try to create the same silhouette with items of different heights and widths to create a varied, dynamic look.  Also make sure to create some depth, with some items in front and others in the background. Like in a real skyline, this will create a sense of life and attract the eye.
  3. Combine colours and textures - inexpensive accessories are great to add to a neutral-toned room to inject a splash of colour and varying textures. Accessories should be used to add visual interest and contrast in a room, and accessories can easily be swapped and substituted to fit changing seasons and trends.