Artificial plants that will make your home flourish

Love the idea of a plant filled home with luscious greenery in every corner but you've not got a green thumb? Solution - artificial plants! Your home can look fresh all year round with our selection of faux plants. Our range of artificial houseplants includes hanging trailing plants, small potted succulents and cacti, assorted wildflowers and larger free standing plants with palm leaves, suitable for indoor planters. Discover all these and much more online and in our stores.  

Decorative plants for your home

Every home should have some plants, but no-one said they had to be real - and with our selection of artificial plants no-one needs to know! Bring 'life' into your home and decorate with our range of artificial plants or 'fake' plants (if you must). From palm plants to trailing plants we've got a huge selection to choose from that will never need the attention of real plants. You can decorate every room of the home with small artificial plants in ceramic pots or choose a large artificial plant to sit in a planter or wicker basket. We've even got a choice of wildflowers in pink, purple and yellow, that look great in tall vases and are perfect for the centre piece of your dining table. 

What are the advantages of artificial plants?

  1. Low maintenance - faux plants don't require the time and attention real plants require, asides from a light cleaning every so often. Artificial plants and un-killable! So, if you're likely to forget to water your plants, we'd recommend choosing faux.
  2. They look the deal real - these days artificial plants can look just like the real thing, asides from being made of plastic, the colour variation and details on leaves and stems can make faux plants and flowers look second to none to their real counterpart. This makes it easy to blend both fake and real plants together in the home.
  3. They can survive anywhere - most real plants require specific care and can only live where there's natural sunlight, a certain temperature or humidity. You can style your greenery anywhere in the home with artificial plants - a dark corner that looks bare can easily be transformed with a large free-standing plant. 

How to clean artificial plants

Your artificial plants won’t require much looking after – it’s one of their many benefits! However, to keep them looking in tip top condition, you should regularly wipe the leaves and the pot it's in to remove any dust or dirt. We'd recommend different cleaning tools depending on what type of plant you have. If your artificial plant has large flat leaves, a damp cloth would work well to remove any dirt. For smaller plants with a bushy aesthetic or hanging plants you'll need to take a more delicate approach and use cotton wool or even a small brush to lightly remove the dust.