Decorative lanterns for your home

Use the glow of candlelight and your choice of indoor lantern to illuminate your home with warm and cosy vibes. From small to large lanterns, we've got it all - place them on windowsills and bookcases or fill a dark corner with a large lantern and tall pillar candle. Our indoor lanterns are available with black, brass and silver framing, some with textured glass, plain glass and grid detailing. You can use real candles, or you find our range of LED pillar candles which look great inside our lanterns. 

Create the right atmosphere with lanterns 

Our lanterns turn a simple candle or tealight into a beautiful decorative feature. Find a range of lanterns that are both practical and ornamental for an affordable price.

If you enjoy the atmosphere created by delicate candlelight, then a lantern is a great investment to enjoy this soft lighting whilst creating a decorative accessory. Lanterns create a decorative focal point and are perfect for occasions where you want soft, diffused lighting such as Summer parties. Alternatively, use them daily in your living room for a cosy night in front of the TV or curled up on the sofa reading your book with homely mood lighting. 

Different styles of lanterns

Our lanterns come in a range of materials, styles and colours, including silver, black and brass. Choose from a variety of ornate designs including traditional styles or more intricate oriental designs. Decorative indoor lanterns are perfect to accent a living room fireplace or to add a zen and calming ambience to your bedroom. Whether you prefer LED battery-operated candles and lanterns or classic candles we have both in our assortment so you can find a lantern to suit you.

Real candle lanterns or LED lanterns

When buying your lantern as a piece of decorative accessory within your home, you should first consider whether you want to use real candles or LED candles. A real pillar candle creates a truly homely atmosphere with the flicker of the flame, you can also buy scented candles to create a gorgeous aroma for within your home. However, if you have small children in the home or are likely to forget to blow out the candle after use, we would recommend using LED candles. These days LED candles can look just like the real thing, with a warm glow and flickering effect. They're safe to use at any time and are battery-operated so, should you forget to turn it off after use, you may just have to replace the batteries!