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2 different bedroom stylings

Bedroom colours and styling decide the atmosphere


Tags: Duvet Cover Sets, Lighting, Decoration

What do you prefer? A calming atmosphere with a warm tone or do you prefer things light and airy? You can easily create a bedroom that matches your personality. Be inspired by these two different interiors, that highlight the difference that styling makes in a white bedroom. You can use both home textiles, bed linen, lighting and décor to create a bedroom where you feel at home and comfortable - a room where you are able to relax.

Scandinavian bedroom colors

If you love a calm atmosphere, use toned down colours, natural materials like wood and straw and try to think like a minimalist. The ADA bed linen is GOTS certified organic cotton and yarn dyed with blue and sand coloured stripes on a white background. It radiates a relaxed atmosphere and if you combine it with woven baskets and a vase with grass straws, you have a bedroom that oozes Scandinavian coast life.

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Warm and feminine bedroom colors

To create a warmer mood in the bedroom, use burnt colours, wood and green plants. In this bedroom, we have combined our bed linen ANDREA with the rug TULPAN in off-white, terracotta and yellow. As the icing on the cake, we have added the JARLE baskets and AXEL plant pots in purple and yellow. The sand coloured, wavy lines on the bed linen and the fine pattern on the baskets create a cheerful and carefree atmosphere in the bedroom.

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