Dining tables to dine for!

A dining table is more than a piece of furniture – it’s the heart of the home, the start of a conversation and the place to share food! Find a dining table to meet your family's needs, whether it's for two people or six we have plenty of options to fit your space and interior style. At JYSK, you will find a wide selection of different dining tables; large, small, round or square. Discover a selection of beautiful wooden plank tables, bistro style tables, long tables and folding tables in ash, oak or glass, with table legs in metal, chrome or solid wood. Whatever your interior preference we've got something to suit! 

Not sure which table to choose? Read our guide on how to find the right dining table.

57 products
    57 products

    A large selection of dining tables to dine in style

    We live increasingly hectic lives, which makes spending quality time around the dining table an important part of the day for many of us. And, with the kitchen table now doubling as a multi-purpose hub for eating, homework and internet browsing, it’s a great place to meet up and catch up. At JYSK, you can pick a full dining set with table and chairs included or mix and match to get the look you want. We carry a range of styles so whether you want a rustic country cottage with a white dining table, or a modern design with a glass top dining table, we’ve got the table of your dreams. We also offer a range of sizes, from compact two-person tables to tables with extensions to seat eight. Explore the different options in our assortment including different legs, shapes including round tables, and wood finishes such as pine or oak. 

    If you like to plan for every eventuality, you might want to consider an extendable dining table. Having the option of an expanding dinette is ideal for the occasional event without taking up space in your dining area during everyday life. Simply insert the extending leaves when you need to accommodate extra guests and store them away when you don’t!

    Size and shape

    Should your new dining table be large or small? Round or square? This is a great place to start. It is important that the table suits the size of both the family and the room it stands in. If you don't require a lot of dining space on a daily basis, a small square table is an option or even our wall mountable folding table. However if you'd also like to have the opportunity to invite guests over for dinner, you can consider a square folding table, or one with extension leaves. A round table matches both small and large spaces and gives a good dynamic in the space with the soft edges. The advantage is also that people sit closer to each other so that everyone can easily participate in the conversation.

    Material and colour

    Material and function go hand in hand, as not all materials can withstand the same amount of wear.
    Laminate, veneer or glass. Common to these materials is that they are easy to clean with a damp cloth. A glass table can be sensitive to scratches, but is otherwise durable. 
    Wood is one of the more delicate materials. A dining table in e.g. oak or bamboo requires regular care with oil because it more easily absorbs scratches and stains. 

    Should the table be light or dark? With a wooden table, you get a dining table in natural color, which can break with a stylish and white decor. You will also find a wide selection of black, white and brown deco veneer tables or transparent glass tables.

    Functional, practical or modern? 

    … Or all three! You can buy a dining table that meets all three needs. Just consider what your dining table should be used for. A dining table can function as a daily dining area, home office area, for the kids homework and more. It can also be located in a room that is only used when there are guests. The choice of material often depends on whether it should be practical, as a table in laminate is durable for regular use in families with children, while a wooden table or plank table is more sensitive to stains and requires maintenance. Both types can be modern and neat to look at, and this often also plays a significant role in the decor.

    If you also want to invest in new a dining table and chairs, you can take a look at our dining table set, where we have carefully selected tables and chairs that complement each other to create a gorgeous dining room set up.

    Also get tips and inspiration for decorating your dining room on our blog, and read How to choose your dining chairs.