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Living room “hygge” with big corner sofa, duvet, cushions and lighting

Sofa “hygge” in the living room

No matter if you had a long day at work or if you’re having a lazy Sunday, the living room is usually our go-to location. In this blog post, we will provide you with our top 3 tips and tricks to create a feeling of “hygge” in the living room, centered around the sofa.

1: Make the sofa the corner stone of your living room

Living room “hygge” with big corner sofa, duvet and lighting

It’s all about the main element of the living room: The sofa. A large sofa automatically invites you, your family or guests to feel comfortable and it creates a true “hygge” atmosphere.

It’s okay to make your sofa look chic and decorate it with throws and sofa cushions during the day, but whenever it’s time to snuggle up, you shouldn’t be afraid to grab your duvets from the bedroom and get comfy.

2: Mix and match colours and materials as you wish

Multiple sofa cushions and cushion covers in different colours and materials
Cushion ENGKARSE 45x45 beige
£9.99 /each
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A way to personalise your living room is by decorating your sofa with lots of different sofa cushions – the more, the merrier. Feel free to mix and match different colours, materials and patterns. Besides creating personality, it shows courage to mix different colours and maybe it can inspire your guests to do the same.

3: Turn on the light

Duvet placed in corner sofa, pendant with light bulbs, modern floor lamp and display cabinet

An important factor in the process of creating “hygge” is the lighting: TORSTEIN pendant sheds a bright and clear light because of the exposed light bulbs and the modern floor lamp CHRISTIAN can function as a reading light in the corner of the sofa. Also, make sure to add some decorative lighting the room, like pretty and small scented candles on display at the coffee table or on top of your display cabinet. Placing lights and candles in different heights can bring life and movement into the room.

Bonus tip: Practical (and decorative) storage

Different decorative accessories in a display cabinet
Display cabinet VIRUM 2 doors black
£249.99 /each
Save 20%

Another item that is often a part of the living room is the display cabinet. You can display your finest plates and glasses, but it adds an edge to your style, if you let loose and think outside the box regarding storage. For instance, you could put your throw in a nice basket or maybe you could put a stylish ornament on top of your books. Storage doesn’t necessarily have to be hidden away, it can also serve a decorative purpose.

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How do you create “hygge” in your living room? Share with us in the comments. 

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