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Does sleep affect your memory

Sleep's role in memory

When you sleep your sleep strengthens the connection between your brain’s cells, which can improve your capacity to focus and your ability to learn, but overall can improve your memory.

How does sleep affect your memory?

There are various stages of sleep,each of which does something different for you. REM sleep is the stage during in which you dream. This stage is important as your brain makes sure that information and memories are moved to the correct place so that you remember better.

When you sleep your heart rhythm, blood pressure and body temperature decreases slightly. This is your body’s way of recharging your batteries, therefore sleep is so important as it acts as an ‘over-the-counter’ medicine, which keeps you healthy, both physically and mentally.

Sleeping can help improve your memory and learning

Can sleep increase your creativity

Sleep not only helps to store knowledge and improve your memory, but it also makes it easier for you to come up with new ideas. The brain, as it were, puts together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces are your knowledge and experiences and together they enhance your creativity.

“To sleep on it”

You've probably been told “to sleep on it” before coming to a decision, which actually isn't such a silly idea. When you're well rested you find it easier to make decisions, solve conflicts and tackle specific problems.

Does sleep affect your ability to learn?

How much sleep is required varies from person to person, but all of us need sleep to strengthen and improve our memories. If you get too little sleep your brain will find it more difficult to store information properly. It gets harder to remember and recall the things you have learned and experienced.

If you don't get enough sleep you may reduce the impact on your capacity to learn and this can easily affect your ability to concentrate. The side effects of lack of sleep can lead to confusion and, in the worst case scenario, increase the risk of hazardous situations - for example, when driving a car. So it is important to give your sleep high priority as it helps your efficiency.

Plenty of sleep is very important

Sleep has an impact on your capacity to work and your job satisfaction

There are a number of factors to indicate that there is a connection between sleep and the capacity to work. Sleep is a prerequisite for a successful day. therefore after a good night’s sleep you will usually have loads of energy, whereas a poor night’s sleep can lead to a totally overwhelming day. This also affects your capacity to store information during a day and your ability to coordinate. These are basic requirements for a working day, so they can have a negative impact on your overall working efforts, if you do not get enough sleep.


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