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how to take care of your curtains and blinds

Give your curtains and blinds the right care

Curtain care is probably not at the very top of your To Do list when you have a big of free time. But if you do take care of your curtains, they will retain their appearance and you will enjoy them much longer. Read on for 4 tips on how to maintain your window dressings.

Iron vertical blinds to avoid them creasing

If you have vertical blinds that are creased, you can iron them on low heat (maximum 110ºC) to restore their appearance. If you have blackout slats, make sure you only iron them on the woven side. A good trick is to place a dry tea towel between the iron and the slats for maximum protection.

Keep your pleated shades in good shape

It's no surprise that pleated blinds are a popular window solution. The reason is that pleated blinds are practical and they don't take up too much space when they're pulled up. In order to retain the appearance of the folds, you should pull the shade right up once a week. This allows the shade to continue to operate smoothly every time you use it.

Clamp the shade together

If your pleated blinds resist being pulled up and down they try to pull them up slowly and at the same time gather the pleats one by one. Then let the whole blind sit clamped together for two days. If that doesn't do the trick, then try stretching out the pleated shade completely. Then dampen it carefully with a spray bottle, and repeat the process of clamping the shade together again. The shade should then operate perfectly once again.

Do you need tips on how to clean your blinds?

If you need tips on how to clean your curtains and blinds, our earlier blog post will help you. However, if you are in any doubt about cleaning, we advise you always to follow the manufacturers’ instructions or to contact the shop where you bought your window dressings.

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