Buy your new dining table from JYSK

A dining table is more than a piece of furniture – it’s the heart of the home, the start of a conversation and the place to share food! Find a dining table to meet your family's needs, whether it's for two people or six we have plenty of options to fit your space and interior style. Choose a round or square dining table as needed, but also according to the space it should be in. If you occasionally need to expand the dining area, you can buy a table with extension leaves. Discover a selection of beautiful wooden plank tables, bistro style tables, long tables and folding tables in ash, oak or glass, with table legs in metal, chrome or solid wood. Whatever your interior preference we've got something to suit! 

Looking to create a dining area that’s perfect for family dinners, romantic suppers and celebrations?

It all starts with the right dining table. You’ll need to consider the size and shape of your room. A big table is great for lots of guests but not if you have to squeeze round it to get in and out of your seat. A rectangular table is a good choice for a long room and you’ll get more seats round it if you need to – if space is a bit tight, consider pairing it with a bench as well as chairs for more flexible seating options. A round dining table is a traditional choice and, if you opt for a pedestal style model, you can get lots of pairs of legs under the table more comfortably! An oak table is a classic choice and can be partnered with a range of chairs, while a glass dining table offers a contemporary look without seeming to occupy a lot of space.

You’ll know the perfect dining table when you see it – browse our selection online or visit us in store to see our dining sets.