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Bedroom with bed, duvets and pillows, covered in striped bedding and insert of Berit Christiansen

The buyer’s favourite duvet


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Berit Christiansen is the expert within duvets and pillows at JYSK. She has years of experience within down, feathers and fiber filling and knows all about filling types and insulating power. That is why we turn to her for advice on the best duvet. 

”I can of course vouch for all the duvets that we have in our assortment, so the best duvet for you is the one that fulfils your personal preferences and suits your sleeping environment,” Berit begins. “There are a few things that I always consider before buying a new duvet. Most importantly the temperature in the room where I sleep. It is also a good idea make yourself clear whether you prefer to be warm or a little cooler when you sleep,” she continues.

”Personally, I live in a well-insulated house, so that has had a huge impact on my own choice of duvet,” Berit explains. “It is the exact reason why I have one duvet for summertime and another for winter time.


I can really recommend one of our duvets filled with a delicate down-like microfiber. They are very easy to wash and tumble dry. For many people, the best winter duvet is a warm fiber duvet and the best summer duvet is a cooler one.”


A rule of thumb says that your duvet should be 30 cm longer than you are. “Both my duvets are “extra long”, so they fit me and keep me covered,” Berit says. 

The icing on the cake is the fabric that covers the filling. “I prefer one in a high-quality cotton which has a very nice handfeel and a nice draping. You really enjoy it when you change the bedding,” Berit says.

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